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One of the small Krakow parks in its size, but it is characterized by

One of the small Krakow parks in its size, but it is characterized by

One of the small Krakow parks in its size, but it is characterized by


Zaczarowanej  Garden
Zczharong Park

One of the small Krakow parks in its size, but it is characterized by the presence of a fountain in it, next to a lake where there are some ducks and a donut pond, and that is not all, but it has an outdoor gymnasium, as well as special lanes for cycling, and there are wooden benches for sitting.

There are also many shaded places in the garden to protect you from the sun and make sitting more comfortable, as well as a variety of wooden houses suitable for all ages of children, but there are not many trees, and it includes two small playgrounds, one for football and another for basketball, which is a suitable place for family gathering.

If you want to reach Zksarong Park through Google Maps, click here.


Krakow Zoo
Krakow Zoo

It is one of the most beautiful parks in Krakow, which includes a large variety of animals. It is located on top of a mountain filled with trees and picturesque green spaces. The fees are reasonable and not high prices. It is a clean park that includes pets, predators, exotic and rare that you will see for the first time, as it is a suitable place for families.

Children can learn about the animals and the name of each animal through a tour inside the park. There are animals and birds such as giraffe, bear, penguin, camel and many other animals and birds. There are also places to sit and enjoy nature and sip some tea, and children can play in the wide green squares.

If you wish to reach the Krakow Zoo through Google Maps, click here.

Kosciuszko . Park
Krudrska park

It is a small park unlike the rest of Krakow’s parks, but it is wonderful despite its small size but you always find something interesting in it with great concerts and has a small playground and alleys with huge trees, in addition to fitness equipment and a stream with a waterfall.


The garden makes you feel special in the autumn and its trees are very huge and includes a group of seats, and you can have coffee through the mobile cafes in it, and the place is suitable for playing and exercising, you will love it very much.

If you wish to reach Kosciusko Park through Google Maps, click here.

Decius Dois Park
Dois Park

Distinctive is the Dois Park with its natural beauty and sculptures next to a gallery of contemporary art Branislav Khroma. Admission is free. A selection of restaurants and a café in the middle of the gallery Near the gallery there is a monument to representatives of Pivnytsia pod Barany and the garden is stunning with its trees that are constantly looked after.


In addition, there are a number of flowering Chinese anemones and perfectly integrated carvings, they create a pleasant atmosphere through the communication between nature and art, as well as many children’s playgrounds, making the place teeming with life, the most important thing that distinguishes the garden is the villa that you must visit, it is really different About other parks of Krakow.

If you wish to reach Dois Park through Google Maps, click here.

Błonia . garden
Blona Park

It is one of the parks of Krakow suitable for recreation, as it covers a large area in the heart of Krakow. It also includes a three and a half meter loop for jogging, cycling and roller skates, and you can walk, there is a concrete path and another dirt path that you can choose between them to practice walking.

It also has a large collection of trees near which you can breathe in the shade or hide from the rain and also there are wooden benches as well as a wonderful huge sandbox and a children’s pool, you will inevitably have a good time alone or with your family and don’t hesitate and go there and discover the place for yourself.


If you want to reach Blona Park through Google Maps, click here.

Do not miss visiting Krakow Gardens

During tourism in Poland, especially tourism in Krakow, you can visit one of the city’s parks and enjoy the picturesque nature around you besides practicing your favorite sports, and your children can enjoy the games designated for them, and you can visit the zoo and get to know a large group of animals, spend a fun time and walk in the middle of nature or Visit the Botanical Garden and see a large assortment of unique plants.