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Gulf lights markets is one of the distinct markets in the state

Gulf lights markets is one of the distinct markets in the state

Gulf lights markets is one of the distinct markets in the state


Gulf lights markets
Buraimi markets

Gulf lights markets is one of the distinct markets in the state, which will not leave you the opportunity to think about choosing another market, because the place provides all the things that you will need in your day from the needs of every home of various products and supplies.

You just have to prepare what you want to buy and go to the shopping list to Anwar Al Khaleej, which provides foodstuffs from dairy products, legumes, vegetables and fruits, canned juices and the most luxurious types of chocolate, and home decor items such as some types of roses, in addition to a group of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes, lotions and powders Cosmetics and special perfumes.


If you want to reach the Gulf lights markets, you can do so through Google Maps from here.

Al Buraimi vegetable and fruit market
Buraimi markets

Al Buraimi Market Do not miss any opportunity to provide all the daily needs that all people need from food and supplies, you will find that Al Buraimi Market for vegetables and fruits is the most famous in providing all kinds of agricultural crops at low prices and wholesale.

Do not search too much, as it is the perfect choice to buy all the various vegetables that are indispensable to the house, in addition to the various types of fruits, including rare ones, and most importantly, all the crops are fresh. The market is one of the most beautiful markets as it is located in a heritage area near the fort. The market provides some services, including a private parking .

You can also access Al Buraimi Market for Vegetables and Fruits through Google Maps from here.



Gulf Stars Market
Buraimi markets

Gulf Stars Markets is one of the large markets (supermarkets) in the region and frequented by large numbers of visitors continuously to purchase all kinds of different items, which are available at prices that satisfy all customers and with excellent quality.

Families go to it, where they find what they want to buy. It includes a set of different school tools, home decoration supplies, some farming tools, and various foodstuffs. There is also a set of clothes that suit all age groups, some toys, and kitchen utensils. The wonderful Buraimi markets.

When going to Gulf Stars Markets, you can use Google Maps from here.

Al Buraimi Market for seasonal products
Buraimi markets

Heritage markets have the largest share among the Buraimi markets that are spread in the wilayat and that work to attract many tourists and visitors to enjoy shopping and buying, including the charming Buraimi market for seasonal products with its rare and beautiful products.


The market is distinguished by its location between the historical monuments such as Al-Khandaq Fort and Al-Hilla Castle. It is also characterized by ancient architectural designs. Among the most important displays are the distinguished and rare honorary products in various forms, in addition to some different seasonal agricultural crops at low prices. You should go early in the morning to enjoy your time inside the market.

You can also reach Al Buraimi Market for seasonal products through Google Maps from here.