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One MAFAT series from the UNESCO List of Sites

One MAFAT series from the UNESCO List of Sites

One MAFAT series from the UNESCO List of Sites

The MAFAT series is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level, the Mavat series allows you to view stunning landscapes among valleys, waterfalls and forests.



Cilaos Village
Village de Cilaos Réunion

Cilaos is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Reunion Island, due to its famous natural attractions, such as waterfalls and amazing valleys.

The village of Silaos allows you to do a lot of interesting and exciting recreational activities, such as kayaking, and exploring sliding



waterfalls. It is also famous for its old traditional industries and products.

St Paul’s Market
Saint Paul Reunion

Saint Paul’s Market on the French island of Reunion is the most beautiful and attractive market for tourists. It is famous for its bright beautiful colors, and the market is located on the waterfront of the island, and the market operates on Fridays and Saturdays.



In this market, tourists learn about the culture, customs and famous traditions of the island’s residents. It also offers many local products, vegetables and fruits, as it is the source of fruits on the island, because of all kinds of fruits, and many other distinctive souvenirs.

The southeast coast of the island
South-east coast of Reunion Island

Take an enchanting stretch of the South East Coast Trail, which runs between Saint Philip and Saint Rose of Reunion Island. It is one of the important tourist areas on the island of Reunion, which includes stunning natural features. You



can see the rugged terrain, basalt rocks, cliff blocks, surrounding fertile lands, and a lot of wonderful tropical plants. If you are a fan of natural attractions, you will definitely enjoy visiting the island’s southeast coast road.