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Also, enjoy watching the rotating or swinging bridge, so named

Also, enjoy watching the rotating or swinging bridge, so named

Also, enjoy watching the rotating or swinging bridge, so named


because it is operated to rotate horizontally every time a riverboat passes, take memorial photos and enjoy watching the bridge while turning



Christmas markets
Christmas Markets – Tourism in Strasbourg

Tourism in Strasbourg is characterized by a special charm at the end of each year, as tourists come to celebrate Christmas and tour the famous Christmas markets, which attract more than 2 million visitors annually, dating back to the Middle Ages.

In Strasbourg alone, there are 11 markets next to each other, you can choose between the different markets located in the cathedral square, Place Kleber, or fish market square, and get special Christmas decorations from them.



Visitors enjoy participating in the construction of Christmas trees, on which are hung about 300 flashes symbolizing red apples, and buying gifts for relatives and friends.


Cycling is one of the most important aspects of tourism in Strasbourg, you can enjoy the mild weather to explore the European capital’s countryside, with more than 560 km of developed ring roads.

Tours take place around the shaded paths, along the banks of the Rhine and other rivers and canals of the city, through forests, fields and parks, and you can also use the bike to get to work or while going shopping.



Some of the best bike paths on the banks of rivers and canals in Strasbourg away from the traffic are the pastoral path at de la Broche, the southbound Rhône-Rhine Canal Trail, the Marne-Rhine Canal Trail, and the canals around Strasbourg.

Orangery Garden
Orangerie park tourism in Strasbourg

Tourism in Strasbourg is not complete without a visit to the Orangerie Garden, which is the oldest park in the city, and is famous for being the lovers’ garden, a good place for jogging and walking, and contains areas for children’s games, a small farm, and a free zoo.


Visitors enjoy canoeing inside the lake, which is decorated with large waterfalls, has a pavilion for temporary exhibitions and events, a gourmet restaurant, bowling courts, a billiards room and a summer terrace.