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Enjoy a wonderful time in the middle of the garden and its

Enjoy a wonderful time in the middle of the garden and its

Enjoy a wonderful time in the middle of the garden and its

attractions, such as the old half-timbered house, dating back to 1885, and inside it a famous restaurant that serves the best delicious French cuisine.



botanical garden

The heart of Strasbourg features the University’s Botanical Gardens, a tropical garden with 6000 different plant species and the second oldest botanical garden in France, established in 1619 for the city’s academy on the grounds of the Cabbage Plain Abbey cemetery.

The garden consists of 9 plots, surrounding the Institute of Botany, you can enjoy the nursery of about 2,200 trees from all temperate zones, and spend a wonderful time during the guided tour of the garden every Sunday.

You can visit the garden and enjoy the beautiful scenery, breathe the fresh air, attend exhibitions, activities and cultural events that are organized to educate and educate children and adults alike in plant sciences.



Little France
Little France Tourism in Strasbourg

Petite France is located in the historical center of the Big Island of Strasbourg which is one of the tourist destinations in Strasbourg that attract visitors for its attractive landscapes, navigational canals, and half-timbered houses.

The term Little France was coined for the Covered Bridge, Moulins and around Rue du Pins, whose designs date back to the Middle Ages, and the area is known for its covered bridges and many historic canals.



Enjoy a wonderful tour of the area and see the flying trees in the squares and streets that bloom in the summer, and the remaining heritage of the neighborhoods and homes of tanners, mills, fishermen and ancient churches

European Parliament

The European Parliament is the official spokesman of the European Union, and it was established in 1958 and its first session was held in March. It is famous for its distinctive bicycle, and is located on the banks of the River Ile.



It allows visitors to discover its activities through 360-degree cinema halls and touch tables, showing the process of drafting European legislation and the issues presented by members.