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There are many distinctive monuments in the old city, such as the

There are many distinctive monuments in the old city, such as the

There are many distinctive monuments in the old city, such as the


old church and the Mont Chevalier watchtower. Le Suquet overlooks the bay and the beach with a wonderful view, and consists from the inside of many attractive and lively narrow streets as well.



Enjoy a unique tour inside Le Suquet, and enjoy its wonderful streets such as “Meynadier” one of its most important shopping streets. The city’s streets are a shopping destination for famous French fashion.

Castries Museum

The Castre Museum is a major tourist attraction in Cannes, and the museum is located on the heights of La Corse in the remains of the castle of the monks of Lerrain. In the vicinity of the museum there is a main building, a church and a square tower of great height.



Annually the museum hosts the large Nuits Musicales de Suquet Festival, which features musical instruments from all over the ancient world. The museum has a collection of orientalist paintings. The museum is famous for its many masterpieces and primitive arts from the Himalayas.

Enjoy an archaeological tour inside the museum and see ancient sculptures, manuscripts and drawings from around the world. Take souvenir photos in the museum’s garden filled with Mediterranean trees and plants, and see the whole city from the high tower in the middle of the museum.



Domerge Villa
Villa Domerge Tourism in Cannes

Villa Domerge is a testament to the history of modern art deco. The place was designed and executed by the painter Jean-Gabriel Domergue in 1926. The villa was listed as a historical place in 1990 due to the elegance and elegance of the design and the exterior of the villa.

In the garden of the villa there are many antique busts and some wonderful artworks of the painter’s wife, Odette Mujinder Villers. The place holds some social and official events in the city such as art exhibitions.

Enjoy a tour inside the villa and see the splendor and elegance of the design, as well as the busts in the garden. The villa was the meeting place of the official jury of the Cannes Film Festival, and now it has become a venue for art and cultural seminars.



Le Suquet (Old Town)

On the slopes of Mont Chevalier, Le Suquet is the old town of Cannes, an old fishing village. The village is located in the middle of a picturesque hill with its charming landscape, and Le Suquet is characterized by the absence of any vehicles, just walk on foot to enjoy the view.