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The Phoenix Park is located in the southwest of the charming

The Phoenix Park is located in the southwest of the charming

The Phoenix Park is located in the southwest of the charming


Phoenix Park

The Phoenix Park is located in the southwest of the charming

French city of Nice, specifically in the Arenas district, adjacent to the Ingles Park. It is one of the largest public parks and parks not only in France but in Europe in general,



with an area of ​​7 hectares. A family outlet and one of the places to visit in Nice.

Phoenix Park has a large number of animals and birds, some of which are rare, and you will enjoy watching and playing with them. The most famous of these animals are the river fox, kangaroo, hedgehog, and a number of birds such as parrots and birds of various species and colors.

The park also includes a huge musical fountain at its main entrance, which is one of the most important dancing musical fountains in the city and attracts a large number of visitors wishing to listen to music while watching the water



rushing and dancing upwards. The park also includes a special museum of Asian arts that attracts a large number of art enthusiasts of all kinds. .

 Albert Garden

This wonderful public garden is in the center of Nice France near Place Massena, as it is one of the oldest public gardens in Nice, when you visit the Albert I Garden you will immediately find yourself in the midst of palm trees, fragrant roses, cherubs, junipers as well as various plants



Which was brought from Japan, China, the Americas, Australia and the Himalayas, in addition to the vast areas dedicated to the beautiful flowers of different colors.

There are many amazing water fountains within the park, which will force you to take a large number of memorial photos next to it. The park did not overlook the sections for young people, so it established a number of games and amusement parks that are suitable for children of different ages, such as different swings and a game of rotating horses with high safety rates. This is due to the presence of supervisors in the various places of the park.

– Inglis Park

Ingles Park is one of the best open parks in the charming French city of Nice. This park is characterized by a charming view of the Mediterranean waters, in addition to the multiplicity of activities and services within it, which made it the focus of the attention of a large number of tourists and visitors to the city, and the most important tourist destinations in Nice.



The garden is filled with umbrellas and clean seats that provide you with your own time of calm and relaxation that helps you practice reading, and the golden sands and clear waters of the beach are enough reason to spend a little time swimming.

 Cour Salia flower market

The Cours Saleya flower market is one of the places of movement and activity throughout the day in the French city of Nice, attracting a large number of visitors throughout the year who come to it wanting to shop at reasonable prices, take a walk, or spend a good time in one of the restaurants and cafes scattered Everywhere in the market.



Among the most prominent stores in the market are rose shops of multiple colors, shapes and sizes, where the city is famous for its cultivation of roses, not to mention France in general, in addition to clothing and leather products, and shops selling antiques, accessories and souvenirs, next to the exquisite handicrafts.