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Tourism in Opatija, Croatia is a popular holiday destination

Tourism in Opatija, Croatia is a popular holiday destination

Tourism in Opatija, Croatia is a popular holiday destination


It is visited by tourists from all over the world. It is a charming seaside resort in the Adriatic Sea, and has a rich history and culture. This is on top of scenic landscapes, water parks, mountains, theme parks and playgrounds.



Opatija is also full of precious stones, which made it one of the jewels of tourism in Croatia, as it offers tourists unique experiences in the middle of beautiful nature. If you are planning a tourist trip to Opatija Croatia soon, learn with us through this article the most important tourist attractions recommended to visit during your vacation…

The best hotels in Opatija, Croatia

Opatija, an impressive coastal paradise, brimming with a selection of beach hotels and charming villas, will make your vacation the best ever. It has comfortable accommodations, providing guests with all the comforts of luxury, in addition to its proximity to the city’s attractions… Read more about the best hotels in Opatija Croatia.



The best time to travel to Opatija, Croatia
Opatija Croatia enjoys an ideal weather for tourism throughout the year, but the summer months from “June to September” and early October, are the best time to travel and tourism in Opatija. This is because it is the warmest month, and allows you to enjoy the beach, practice all kinds of water sports and different recreational activities, and see the highlights.

Where is Opatija located?


The city of Opatija is located on the Istrian Peninsula in western Croatia, at the foot of Mount Ocka. It is the main tourist city on the Liburnian Riviera, and Opatija is 176.7 km from the capital, Zagreb.

Language in Opatija
Croatian is the official language spoken in Opatija Croatia, as well as a host of other minority languages.