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Rovinj, with its serene Adriatic beaches

Rovinj, with its serene Adriatic beaches

Rovinj, with its serene Adriatic beaches



Monte Beach
Monte Beach Croatia

Rovinj is known for its serene Adriatic beaches, the most famous of which is Monte Beach which is located on the western side of the heart of the old town.

The sea is divided into several parts, including small beaches suitable for young children, and others, which are preferred by adults, which are entered through rock climbing or diving. The place also gives you a chance to enjoy a dreamy romantic sunset.



Brijuni National Park
Brigoni National Park, Croatia

Brigogne National Park is a gateway to a special world, consisting only of incredible scenic views. Walking around it will also allow you to learn about the city and the history of Rovinj Croatia, which is one of the sites where you can get close to the wildlife.


You can see 200 million-year-old dinosaur footprints in the limestone, as well as discover the ruins of Roman elephants.

Scaraba Beach
skarpa beach, croatia

Located in the center of Rovinj, Scarpa Beach is one of the great beaches that guarantees you a pleasant picnic. You can reach it by car or take a fun bike tour, watching the beautiful scenery.



The coast is mostly rocky, with a few small coves covered with small, round stones. It is ideal for diving, exploring exotic marine creatures, and practicing fishing.

Roving Aquarium
Roving Aquarium

Rovinj Aquarium is one of the favorite places to visit in Rovinj Croatia, it is home to many local and world fish, including poisonous scorpionfish and colorful anemones.


Enjoy watching the colorful sea creatures up close, through glass aquariums, and get to know many other species of fish. A visit to this place is a fun and educational outing at the same time.

Palud Reserve
Palud National Park in Rovinj, Croatia

Palud is a nature reserve that houses a large number of animals and birds. It is the largest bird park in Istria, and this reserve was linked to the sea in 1906.

The reserve provides tourists to enjoy many fun recreational activities, such as sitting by the sea enjoying nature, swimming with dolphins and diving in the depths. In addition to watching many types of birds and animals such as the European pond turtle.

Aquapark Lone Rovinj
Aquapark Roving

Aquapark Lone Roving is a beautiful water park, offering you many fun and exciting experiences.

The park’s water attractions vary in the midst of nature, on a beautiful secluded beach, making you have happy times full of interesting adventures suitable for everyone, whether children or adults.



Golden Cape Park Forest (Zlatni Rt)
Golden Cape Park Forest in Rovinj, Croatia

Golden Cape Park Forest is one of the most important parks in the coast of the city of Rovinj, Croatia. It is distinguished by unique beauty and high aesthetic botanical value, and it is called the Golden Cave.

The park allows you to enjoy long walks, jogging through the lush forests and trees. You can also hit the beach, swim and sunbathe, and eat at the park’s famous grill.