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Tourism in Turkey: A guide to the most important tourist cities in Turkey 2022

Tourism in Turkey: A guide to the most important tourist cities in Turkey 2022

Tourism in Turkey: A guide to the most important tourist cities in Turkey 2022


tourism in Turkey
Turkey is a tourist destination for all tourists, and tourism in Turkey is famous for its beaches and wonderful medical places. Turkey is located in Europe, bordered to the north by the Black Sea and Georgia, to the east by Armenia and Iran, to the south by Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean Sea, with maritime borders with Cyprus, and to the west by the Aegean Sea, Greece and Bulgaria.

Turkey is a country of magic and beauty. Tourists come from all over the world to see the attractive landscapes and the wonderful beaches scattered throughout. Turkey has recently been ranked among the best tourist destinations in the world.

The best times for tourism in Turkey
The best times to visit archaeological sites in Turkey are spring (April and May) and autumn (September-October) when the temperature is warm, but not too hot, and these are also good times for walking the Lycian roads and other coastal areas.

While the summer (June-August) can be a little hot, but it is a good time to enjoy the splendor of the beach.. While the country experiences a drop in temperatures during the winter season with snowfall in some cities, which is preferred by many visitors.


Climate in Turkey
The coastal areas of Turkey bordering the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas have a temperate Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild to cool, humid winters. The coastal areas of Turkey bordering the Black Sea have an oceanic climate that is warm and humid in summer and cool and humid in winter. The largest amount of precipitation falls on the Turkish coast from the Black Sea, and it is the only region in Turkey that has high rainfall rates.


Tourist visa for Turkey
Procedures required to obtain a tourist visa:

If you are under the age of eighteen or over forty-five, you can obtain the visa electronically through the website of the Turkish Embassy on the Internet.
If you are over eighteen and less than forty-five. You do not have a Schengen visa. Basically, Schengen is a European agreement signed by twenty-seven European countries aimed at facilitating entry and exit for citizens of these countries without the need for a prior visa.
Also, if you do not have a valid visa for the United States or England. You must apply for a tourist visa from the embassy and conduct a personal interview through the office of the embassy in your country.
Tourist visa is divided into two types:
Single tourist visa: The single tourist visa means: one-time entry to the Turkish Republic, which is valid for a period of ninety days and allows entry to Turkey for a month or less.
Multiple tourist visa. It allows its holder to enter Turkish territory for a period of one or two years, and the maximum period of stay in the country is thirty days. We recommend using a single visa if you intend to make a residence permit for Turkey, because of the difficulty of obtaining residence on a multiple visa.
Important note: When you want to conduct a personal interview at the Turkish embassy, ​​you must obtain a prior appointment from the embassy’s office, and you can obtain it through an electronic form that is filled out online.

Documents required to obtain a visa
Passport valid for 6 months.


Bank account statement for the last 6 months.
Provide medical insurance for the European Union region, which can be easily extracted from any tourism company or from the office of the embassy itself, provided that the dates of departure and return are written in it.
2 personal photos with white background size 4×6.
A copy of the visa application form that you filled out on the embassy’s website.
Initial flight reservation and initial hotel reservation, which can be done inside the embassy’s office itself.
Hr letter from his work, to be directed to the Turkish embassy, ​​preferably in which he writes the job, wage and date of appointment.
In addition to a fee collected by the embassy to complete the procedures, which is approximately $110, paid in dollars and not refunded when the application is rejected.
After completing the procedures, you must wait for a period specified by the competent employee at the embassy office until your application for a tourist visa for Turkey is accepted or rejected.
Tips before traveling to Turkey
Do not convert currency in your country or the airport, as it is often high and inappropriate, but you will find many exchange offices spread throughout Turkey that serve without additional fees
We advise you to buy a local SIM card and put it in your mobile phone to use within the Turkish borders, because making local calls from your line will incur high costs.
It is useful to learn some Turkish words before traveling to Turkey, as you may need to use them, and we recommend using a translation program on your mobile phone.
Finally, you should know that the cost of traveling to Turkey depends mainly on your development of a good travel plan, starting with flight reservations and ending with personal expenses.