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The best tourist cities in Kazakhstan

The best tourist cities in Kazakhstan

The best tourist cities in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has a list of cities rich in interesting attractions. In Kazakhstan, vast deserts meet with authentic history, lakes join hands with beautiful parks. But how about we guide you to the top 10 cities for an unforgettable holiday.



Tourism in Astana
Nur-Sultan City
It is not possible to spend a tourist vacation in Kazakhstan without heading for a tour of the country’s capital, Astana. The city has also been called Nur-Sultan since 2019. Nur-Sultan has a pleasant view on the banks of the Ishim River amidst the vast northern plains. While the city’s buildings are modern, with many high-rise skyscrapers.

Visitors to the Kazakh capital enjoy various recreational opportunities, including a visit to the Khan Shatyr Center, which is rich in shops and restaurants, as well as its unique design. As well as heading towards the Peace and Reconciliation Palace to enjoy the beauty of modern architecture.

While Bayterek Tower attracts large numbers of tourists daily to enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Nur-Sultan from the observation deck. And then set off to learn about Soviet, Kazakh and Western antiquities on display in the city’s magnificent National Museum. Muslim visitors also prefer to enjoy the spiritual atmosphere at the Nur Astana Mosque.



Tourism in Almaty
Lake Almaty
Almaty is one of the most important tourist cities and one of the most welcoming to visitors in Kazakhstan. The city has a long history as it is the former capital of the country. Thus, Almaty provides history buffs with an interesting tour to the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan and the wooden Ascension Cathedral as well.

While nature lovers will be delighted with fun activities in Almaty. Especially in the beautiful Tian Shan Mountains Snow-capped Reserve in winter. And in the amazing ski resorts, most notably Shymbulak. While the spring weather is an amazing opportunity to wander the wild apple forests, as well as take a walk on the hiking trails.

In addition to the above, Almaty attracts adventure lovers towards the blue-water Big Almaty Lake. And then to explore the wild animals of the Ile-Alatau National Park. Then group trips to Nomad’s Land for some great photos.


Tourism in Karaganda
The amazing Kazakh monuments also include many Soviet tales. If you are interested in ancient Russian history, head towards the Kazakh city of Karaganda, located just two hours by train from the capital, Nur-Sultan. The story of Karaganda traces back to a city originally built using workers in a former Soviet prison. Its territory is also known for its coal mines and historic labor camps. Thus, the city provides an amazing journey for tourists into the past.

But is visiting Karaganda limited to the above? It is wrong to say that we reduced the Karaganda monuments to Soviet monuments only. This is because the city streets are filled with famous attractions such as Vvedensky Cathedral, Regional Central Mosque, Gulag Museum and Mining Glory Monument as well.



Tourism in Pavlodar
Irtysh River in Pavlodar

Do not forget when visiting Kazakhstan to pass through the city of Pavlodar, as it is one of the oldest and most ancient cities in the north of the country. In other words, a visit to Pavlodar will give you an amazing opportunity to explore the famous Gossup Mosque and the Cathedral of the Annunciation as well.

Moreover, tourists in Pavlodar can also explore the beautiful neighborhoods around the old school tram and take some perfect pictures of the Irtysh River. While visiting Chekhov’s Theatre, Mozy Voynskoye Slavic Museum and Naberezhnaya Park are interesting opportunities to get to know the true essence of Pavlodar.



Tourism Taraz
The city of Taraz
If you love to explore mysterious historical places, Taraz is the ideal destination for you when visiting Kazakhstan. The reason for this is due to the extension of the origins of this ancient city to the Middle Ages. This makes it, in short, a huge home to charming monuments, historical streets and ancient shrines.

In any case, a visit to Tazar, formerly called Dzhambul in Soviet times, includes the opportunity to visit the beautiful mausoleum of Aisha Bibi to admire the intricate carvings on terracotta tiles. And then head to the Talas River, which is rich in the beauty of the surrounding nature.