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Tourism in Kazakhstan is one of the bold choices that it is not uncommon to include

Tourism in Kazakhstan is one of the bold choices that it is not uncommon to include

Tourism in Kazakhstan is one of the bold choices that it is not uncommon to include

in the lists of tourism programs. Despite the country’s vast area and amazing



nature, many believe that the country consists of vast plains only. But what do you think if we change your view of Kazakhstan, in which there is a lot of charm and beauty that is worth exploring. As in the buildings of its cities, there are many historical monuments that amaze the onlookers.

Kazakhstan has a charming nature, which is full of high mountains, valleys, lakes and valleys scattered all over. In addition to the above, many Kazakh cities rich in amazing tourist attractions, warm hospitality of the friendly locals and reasonable prices compared to other tourist destinations around the world. Based on the above, what do you think about packing your luggage for an enjoyable trip in Kazakhstan?



Nature in Kazakhstan
Discover tourism in Kazakhstan
If you are interested in the topic of tourism in Kazakhstan, the following article will help you to know the top 10 tourist cities. As well as providing you with a set of the most important tips, instructions and information, which will help you in planning an enjoyable and unforgettable trip in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan map
Kazakhstan is located on two continents together in other words the greater part of the country extends in Central Asia. While the rest of it is located in Eastern Europe, specifically in the west of the Ural River. Kazakh countries also have land borders with China, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan as well. While its lands also overlook the Caspian Sea from the west.



Best time to travel to Kazakhstan
Spring in Kazakhstan
Tourism in Kazakhstan is an enjoyable option in all seasons of the year. Every day in the country a new opportunity to discover its charm. Kazakhstan enjoys cold and snowy weather in winter, while the climate becomes continental in summer, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. While the country’s plains are decorated with beautiful flowers in the spring and autumn, it is therefore best to choose your favorite season as follows:

Summer (May to mid-September): Summer sees the most visitors as most people combine a visit to Kazakhstan with a hiking trip in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. This is in the midst of the wide plains. Despite the high heat, the weather is perfect for visiting the mountains and enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature.

Spring (from the end of March to May): Spring is the best time to see the green steppes of Kazakhstan. This allows tourists to enjoy wild chrysanthemum flowers in Aksu Cabagli Nature Reserve. And then charming tours in the midst of nature in a moderate climate that protects visitors from the heat of summer and the cold of winter. You will also enjoy Nowruz Festival on March 21st.

Autumn (September to October): Although autumn in Kazakhstan is limited to one month, this is an ideal time to visit the country during the siege season and enjoy its delicious fruits. The climate of Kazakhstan in the fall is much warmer than the harsh winter.

Winter season (from November to the end of March): If you are a fan of snowboarding, tourism in Kazakhstan is an ideal option for you in the period from December to February. During this period, tourists will also enjoy unique activities such as ice fishing or horse riding in the snow, as well as hunting for falcons and eagles.



The language in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world and due to the country’s vast area, the languages ​​spoken here are also diverse. Despite relying on the Kazakh language, which is close to Turkish, as an official language, it is spoken by 65% ​​of the population. However, it is also common to use Russian as the second official language. The diversity is not limited to this point, but the Ukrainian language, the Tatar language, the Uzbek language, the English language, as well as the Uyghur and Mongolian languages ​​are spread in Kazakhstan as well.

Tourist visa in Kazakhstan
Before heading to travel and tourism in Albania, there are some conditions necessary to obtain a visa, which are:

Apply for a tourist visa.
A passport valid for at least six months.
Two personal photos.
A letter of claim from one of the tourism agencies or hotels in the country.
Pay the visa fee of $20 for every 20 days of stay, up to a maximum of 90 days.
It should be noted that an application for a Kazakhstan tourist visa must be submitted through the embassy or consulate in the country in which the traveler resides. While citizens of 117 countries can apply for a visa online. Among them are the following Arab countries:

the two seas
Morocco, West, sunset
Kingdom Saudi Arabia
Sultanate of Oman
While the visa is paid on arrival for citizens of countries whose territory does not include any embassy of Kazakhstan. Citizens of some countries are also completely exempted from the visa requirement. This includes a visa-free stay of up to 30 days for citizens of the United States, Canada, and all European Union countries