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Yale, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates also. While travelers from Russia,

Yale, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates also. While travelers from Russia,

Yale, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates also. While travelers from Russia,



Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Mongolia can enter Kazakhstan for up to 90 days without a visa.

The ideal period for tourism in Kazakhstan
The territory of Kazakhstan includes a lot of tourist attractions, the beauty of which cannot be recognized in less than two weeks. Therefore, if you are planning tourism in Kazakhstan, it is best to book yourself in the country long enough to allow you to see the mountains, valleys and plains full of flowers.

Moreover, visiting lakes and exotic natural phenomena such as the Aral Sea is another round of fun that you may want to experience in Kazakhstan. While others go to the shrines and archaeological buildings scattered in abundance in the country’s main tourist cities. In short, the charm of Kazakhstan can take you for a trip of at least a month.



How much does tourism cost in Kazakhstan?
The expected costs of a tourist trip in Kazakhstan are estimated at 7,986 Kazakhstani tenge, which is equivalent to 19 US dollars, for each day of the vacation. Based on the expenses of other visitors, the cost of meals for one day is 2,315 Kazakhstani tenge, or about 5.44 US dollars.

Local transportation costs are estimated at 276 Kazakhstani tenge, less than one dollar. While the average hotel price in Kazakhstan for a couple is 5686 Kazakhstani tenge, or about 13 US dollars. In short, Kazakhstan is one of the least expensive tourist destinations around the world. A tourist trip in the country for two people for a period equivalent to a week costs only 263 US dollars.

Transportation and transportation in Kazakhstan
Transportation in Kazakhstan
During tourism in Kazakhstan, you can use the following means of transportation:

Trains: The train is the most popular and widespread method in Kazakhstan, where the railway network covers most of the main tourist cities in the country. In short, the tourist will easily find a train that will take him to his tourist destination at economical prices as well.

Buses: Buses are another way to get around in Kazakhstan with lower costs and more speed. However, the only obstacle for tourists when choosing this method of getting from one Kazakh city to another is the severe overcrowding.

Old marshutotkas: The transportation system in Kazakhstan also sees the spread of old, low-cost marshutotkas in other Kazakh cities.

Taxi: You can also choose to take a private taxi for a more comfortable ride during your trip.



Food and drinks in Kazakhstan
Food in Kazakhstan
Food in Kazakhstan
A tourism trip in Kazakhstan enjoys exploring a lot of exotic dishes that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Where Kazakh cuisine draws its recipes from Europe and Asia as well. However, the most famous meal of all is the national dish called “beshbarmak”, which is a special dish served on occasions. It consists of pasta, potatoes, onions and horse meat as well.

While many other Kazakh recipes also use horse meat, such as kazy. The recipe includes horse meat sausage as a cold appetizer, as well as the local “zaya”, “basturma” and “chizek” dishes. Another popular Kazakh dish is plov, a traditional Uzbek dish that uses rice, meat, carrots, raisins or tomatoes. Or “shish kebab” which is grilled meat with flatbread and onions, usually cooked over a fire. In short, Kazakh cuisine is very suitable for meat lovers. The unique drink here is the “kumiss” or “shubat” which is horse or camel milk.



The official currency of Kazakhstan
Kazakh tenge
The Kazakhstani tenge is the national currency of Kazakhstan, and is known by the abbreviation “KZT”. This currency is divided into the following categories:

Banknotes in denominations of 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 and 20000 tenge.
Coins in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 tenge.
Communications and the Internet in Kazakhstan
The Kazakh territory includes many communication networks that provide the tourist with the opportunity to choose the appropriate network. This provides visitors to Kazakhstan with the opportunity to keep in touch with their families and friends. Among the most important telecom companies in Kazakhstan are the following:

Kcell: Kcell Telecom is one of the largest telecom companies in Kazakhstan. This network covers an area of ​​more than 20 cities with more than 8 million subscribers. While Kcell provides its subscribers with 4G/LTE service as well.
The Beeline Corporation: is a subsidiary of the Dutch Beeline network operating on the territory of Kazakhstan and used by more than 10 million Kazakhs.
Altel: It is the smallest telecom company in Kazakhstan. It is a local company based in the Kazakh capital, Nur-Sultan.
As for the most famous companies that provide Kazakhstan with the Internet, they are the following:



Kcell . Company
Distance between the most popular cities in Kazakhstan
The capital, Astana, to the city of Almaty is 1261 km.
Almaty to Shymkent, a distance of 681 km.
The distance between Aktau and Nur-Sultan is 2670 km.
From the city of Kyzylorda to the city of Ural 1530 km.
From the capital, Nur-Sultan, to the city of Taraz, 1344 km.
Rent a car in Kazakhstan
Car rental companies are widely available within the cities of Kazakhstan. However, renting a car to explore the country outside the city limits is more difficult. However, there are a few companies that rent cars from Almaty to the capital, Nur-Sultan.

One of the most famous car rental companies in Kazakhstan is Nikita. This is because it has a good range of rental cars that are well looked after at attractive prices. As well as adding insurance and drivers at no additional cost.