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The Kauai Museum is a museum complex made up of two impressive buildings, that

The Kauai Museum is a museum complex made up of two impressive buildings, that

The Kauai Museum is a museum complex made up of two impressive buildings, that



Kauai Museum
Kauai Huawei Museum

The Kauai Museum is a museum complex made up of two impressive buildings, that

can take you through the evolution of Kauai’s geography, natural history, and ethnological history. It is one of the most wonderful museums that you can visit on the island. The Kauai Museum was officially opened in 1960.

The museum makes it possible for you to see major displays about Kauai’s cultural heritage each year, and has permanent collections dating back to the island’s plantation days and the influences of the East on the island. The Museum of Kauai also constantly supports local artists by providing them with exhibition opportunities.



Waimea Canyon Park
Waimea Canyon Park in Kauai

Waimea Canyon is one of the most beautiful canyons on Earth, often called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” as it is the largest canyon in the Pacific Ocean. It is located ten miles high, one mile wide, and more than 3,500 feet deep.

Waimea means red water due to the red soil of the area. Enjoy the enchanting views of the green bush, lining its streams and waterfalls, and a unique black volcanic rock. In addition to the mist flowing from the plateaus, all of them are a colorful natural scene that grabs the hearts.

Anini Beach
Anini Beach in Kauai Huawei

Anini Beach is one of the best beaches for tourism on the island of Kauai. It is an ideal beach for families and children, because it is protected by protective coral reefs, and is located on the northern shore of the island.


Shallow Anini Beach, two miles long, offers its visitors safe swimming. It also has a good range of amenities, as well as windsurfing lessons, snorkeling equipment and an amazing water boat ramp.

Hanalei Village
Hanalei Village on Kauai Huawei

The small village of Hanalei is located in Hanalei Bay on the north coast of Kauai. It is one of the most amazing tourist attractions on the island of Kauai Huawei, as it is considered the gateway to the picturesque Hanalei Valley.

The village is blessed with a beautiful sandy beach, which allows you to enjoy beautiful beach sports, as well as see many historical sites. You can also get a very sophisticated and interesting view of the Hanalei Valley through the Hanalei Observatory, and watch the wonderful mountains surrounding the Hanalei Silver River, which runs through a valley made of a mixture of fields of sugarcane and taro.



Take a helicopter tour over the island of Kauai
Helicopter tour over the island of Kauai Huawei

One of the simplest ways to see the sights of Kauai, is to take a helicopter tour over the island. In order to enjoy the diverse scenic landscapes among the majestic mountains, rivers and waterfalls.

It is an exciting and expensive adventure, but it is well worth the experience. So we advise you to set a budget to do such a wonderful activity, for more excitement and thrill and to witness the most amazing panoramic views of the entire island.

Visit the coffee plantation
Coffee farm on Kauai

The Hawaiian Islands are famous for producing mangoes, pineapples, and bananas, as well as coffee. One of the best things to do on Kauai is to visit a coffee plantation, as the island is home to one of the largest coffee plantations in Hawaii.

Take a walking tour of the Kauai Coffee Company’s farm, learn how coffee is produced, and buy your own to taste the best coffee in the world. Do not hesitate to visit this farm during the tourism on the island of Kauai Huawei.