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Tourism in Tabuk is a field that attracts many tourists annually. It is considered the

Tourism in Tabuk is a field that attracts many tourists annually. It is considered the

Tourism in Tabuk is a field that attracts many tourists annually. It is considered the



pearl of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and abounds with various tourist attractions, as archaeological and historical sites, as well as religious sites attributed to the Prophet Moses, peace be upon him. As well as the ancient rock art for which it is famous and its beautiful oasis.

This is in addition to the volcanoes, Moses springs, mountains, steep granite valleys, the beaches of the Red Sea and coral reefs, the Gulf of Aqaba and many other factors that made it one of the most important tourist cities in Tabuk. Explore through this article travel and tourism in Tabuk Haql, and learn about the most important places that you can visit…



The best hotels in Tabuk Haql

The city of Tabuk Haql includes a distinguished group of hotels, which guarantee you more comfort and luxury throughout your stay. Most of them are located near the Gulf of Aqaba, which provides great views of the city’s important landmarks… Read more about the best hotels in Tabuk Haql.

The best time to travel to Tabuk Haql
The best time for travel and tourism in Tabuk Haql is during the months of “January and February”, due to the ideal weather that allows you to enjoy a successful tourism experience, and to explore all its tourist attractions. This is in addition to the possibility of practicing the best various recreational and tourist activities.



The ideal period for tourism in Tabuk Haql
Three days is the ideal period for travel and tourism in Tabuk Haql, which is sufficient time to explore the city, and practice all the different tourist activities. Start your first day relaxing in your hotel, wandering around and exploring the area. As for the second day, you can take a tour to get acquainted with the rich Bedouin culture in the mill market, see the locally decorated carpets, and tent covers made of goat hair, visit the Musa spring, then visit the Zeita mountains and enjoy an exciting adventure on the sand, and visit Ras Sheikh Hamed to visit the wreckage of the seaplane “Catalina”.

Finally, on the third day, you can explore the natural wonders, by taking a tour of Wadi Disa with its unique waterways and lush palm trees. It is a beautiful mountain valley located in the northwest of Tabuk Governorate. You can also climb mountains, and listen to the fresh water springs before concluding your trip.




Where is Tabuk Haql located?

The city of Tabuk is located in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, between Wadi Al-Qura and Al-Sham. It overlooks the Red Sea coast in the west, and Jabal Al-Sharoura in the east. In its north there is the case of Ammar, the well of Ibn Hermas, and the boundaries of the city of Haql, and in its south there is the city of Umluj. Tabuk is 623.2 km from Medina, and 1,285.9 km from the capital, Riyadh.



The nearest airport to Tabuk is Haql
Tabuk Regional Airport
Tabuk Regional Airport is the nearest airport to the city of Tabuk, and it is an international airport serving Tabuk. It is located on King Abdulaziz Road, the distance between Tabuk and Tabuk Regional Airport is about 5.6 km.

The language in Tabuk is a field
The official language in the city of Tabuk Haql, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Arabic.