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The most important tourist places in Luhansk, Ukraine

The most important tourist places in Luhansk, Ukraine

The most important tourist places in Luhansk, Ukraine

The city of Luhansk has many wonderful tourist places, which are worth a visit. Here are 5 of the most important and most beautiful tourist attractions in Luhansk that we advise you to visit during your vacation:




stone sculpture garden
Stone Sculpture Park in Luhansk

One of the oldest and most popular places to visit in Luhansk Ukraine is the Stone Sculpture Garden, dating back to the 12th century.

When visiting the park, you can see many huge stone statues, of warriors that are well preserved until now. Their length ranges between one and four meters, as well as strolling among the vast green spaces of the garden. And the ability to take great pictures.



Local Heritage Museum
Museum of Local Heritage in Luhansk

The Museum of Local History is located in Luhansk, Ukraine, in a 1976 building. The museum displays the entire history of the region from ancient times to what is known today as the city of Luhansk.

The museum is one of the museums of local traditions, which showed many different animals, nature reserves and even the Confucius Institute in Luhansk Ukraine.

Gorky Library

Gorky Library is a wonderful library with 4 floors, more than 1000 books. It is considered one of the wonderful places of tourism in Luhansk Ukraine, especially for lovers of reading.


The library is the ideal place for study, research and reading in all fields, and the library holds many wonderful annual exhibitions.

Dahl Street
Dale Street in Luhansk, Ukraine

Dal Street is a lively and vibrant street in Luhansk, Ukraine, a destination for hikers, visitors and locals alike.

You can stroll down the street, and see the magnificent monument to “Dal” the founder of Luhansk, and also the creator of the Modern Russian Dictionary, as well as many other beautiful buildings, next to which you can take photographs.



Heroes Arena

Heroes Square is one of the most important tourist attractions in Luhansk Ukraine, as it is characterized by its calm and seclusion, which gives you a pleasant time away from the noise of the city.

You can also stroll and see Shevchenko Park on the other side of the square, and you can attend many important events, official events, national holidays, as well as beauty pageant parties and concerts.