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Tourism in Skopje Macedonia is rich in diverse tourism potentials, with its

Tourism in Skopje Macedonia is rich in diverse tourism potentials, with its

Tourism in Skopje Macedonia is rich in diverse tourism potentials, with its



mountainous landscape that is home to lakes, waterfalls, and national parks filled with hiking trails between green valleys and beautiful hills. This is in addition to the splendor and fragrant history that appears in its ancient monuments, and the historical sites scattered throughout the city. All this made it one of the most important tourism cities in Macedonia.



Discover tourism in Skopje Macedonia through this comprehensive guide, and learn about the most important activities and tourist places that you can visit during your next tourist vacation in Macedonia…

The best hotels in Skopje Macedonia

You do not have to worry about where to stay while tourism in Skopje Macedonia, as it has a group of the most luxurious and finest tourist hotels. The hotels in Skopje are distinguished by their wonderful views, proximity to famous tourist attractions… Read more about the best hotels in Skopje Macedonia.



The best time to travel to Skopje, Macedonia
The best time for travel and tourism in Skopje Macedonia is during the period from “April to October”. This is due to the warmer months, and the less chance of rainfall, allowing you to take a walk and explore the city. As well as practicing all the various recreational and tourist activities in an ideal climatic environment for tourism.

The ideal period of tourism in Skopje Macedonia
The ideal period of travel and tourism in Skopje Macedonia is about 4 days. During that time you can learn about the city, its history and culture, and its people with guided walking tours or free walking tours. As well as taking a day trip to Lake Matka, a boat trip to the caves and kayaking.

You can also stroll along the river by the Old Bridge, and climb Mount Vodno. You can also dedicate a day to visit museums, discover the UNESCO heritage site of Macedonia, Ohrid Lake, mountains, cliffs, and rocky beaches. In addition to trying restaurants, take a shopping tour at the end of your vacation to buy souvenirs.



Where is Skopje located?

Skopje is located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula in North Macedonia. The Macedonian capital, Skopje, is about 240 meters above sea level, and covers an area of ​​571.5 square kilometres. The distance from Skopje to Lipkovo is about 31.1 km.


Closest airport to Skopje Macedonia
Skopje International Airport
Skopje International Airport is the closest airport to Skopje, and is the largest and busiest international airport in North Macedonia. The airport is 24.2 km from the national capital Skopje.

The language in Skopje
The official language in Skopje Macedonia is Macedonian, which is the most widely spoken and spoken language in the country. There are also many other minority languages ​​officially recognized in the country, including Turkish, Albanian, Bosnian, Serbian and others.