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The most important tourist places in Riga, Latvia

The most important tourist places in Riga, Latvia

The most important tourist places in Riga, Latvia

The city of Riga, the capital of the Republic of Latvia, has many wonderful tourist places. Learn about some of them below:



Latvia Occupation Museum

Latvian Occupation Museum One of the best museums in Latvia, the Latvian Occupation Museum is a must-see during your vacation in Riga, Latvia. The museum gives you a glimpse into Latvia’s turbulent history.

The museum also allows you to see a collection of unique exhibits, which represent the devastation that occurred during World War II, the Latvian struggle for independence, as well as a Soviet bunker with many photos taken during the annexation of Latvia.



Riga Zoo

The Riga Zoo was opened in the greenest Meta-Parks area of ​​Riga in 1912. It is an important entertainment site that attracts all age groups, adults and children. The park is located on an area of ​​20 hectares, and is home to over 3000 animals.

In the park, you can enjoy watching a variety of animals such as lions, giraffes, and kangaroos. On top of the Animal Feeding Show which includes feeding shows for animals like hippopotamuses, wild boars, flamingos, giraffes, reindeer, meerkats and more. In addition to reptiles, insects in the tropical house, crocodiles, monkeys, and a large group of amphibians.



Pilsetas Kanals
Bilsitas canals in Riga, Latvia

The Pesetas Canal is the old moat of the city of Riga. It was once used to protect the city from invaders. Today, the area around the moat has been transformed into beautiful parks, and it is one of the favorite tourist areas of Riga, Latvia for tourists.

The canal is a serene experience that gives you the pleasure of spending an exceptional time in the relaxing atmosphere of nature, with greenery, water and fresh air. As well as taking an exciting cruise via a small boat, seeing the most beautiful views, and many amazing historical monuments.



Vermanes Garden
Vermanes Park, Riga, Latvia

Vermanes Park is the second oldest public park in Riga, located in the heart of the city. It is considered an ideal place for hiking in Riga, Latvia, and currently has an area of ​​approximately 5 hectares.

In the park you can admire an impressive collection of beautiful sculptures of statues such as the statue of Anna Gertrude Fermann, a children’s playground, a fountain, a wooden open-air theater, as well as monuments of famous personalities in Latvia.