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Tourism in Pristina Kosovo is one of the most beautiful and cheapest tourist

Tourism in Pristina Kosovo is one of the most beautiful and cheapest tourist

Tourism in Pristina Kosovo is one of the most beautiful and cheapest tourist



destinations, in the Balkan Peninsula and Europe in general. Pristina is famous for its historical monuments such as mosques, museums and its unique architectural beauty. As well as its wonderful climatic atmosphere, restaurants, hotels, cafes and art galleries, which made Pristina one of the most important tourist destinations in Kosovo.

Explore through this article tourism in Pristina Kosovo, that small capital and learn about its best tourist attractions as well as the best hotels to stay…



The best hotels in Pristina, Kosovo

Pristina Kosovo has a unique group of hotels, which are located in the middle of vast fields and green hills, and close to important historical monuments. Some of them feature imperial style and Italian marble work. All of them feature all the services and facilities that guests need… Read more about the best hotels in Pristina Moscow.

Best time to travel to Pristina, Kosovo
The best time for travel and tourism in Pristina Kosovo is during the late spring from “April to May”. Or during the early fall semester from “September to October”. This is because the weather in those periods is ideal for tourism in Pristina.



The ideal period for tourism in Pristina, Kosovo
The ideal period for travel and tourism in Pristina Kosovo is approximately two days. Start your first day in one of Pristina’s famous cafés and have your breakfast, then head out onto the big street and take a stroll through the city, until you reach the National Library of Kosovo. Or go to the old town of Pristina, with its narrow streets, mosques, old shops, old houses, or visit the Emin Djiko Museum, the Imperial Mosque, and then dine and try the dishes of authentic Kosovar cuisine.

On the second day, you can visit the Museum of Kosovo, the symbol of Pristina, the Al-Waleed Monument, and the Sinan Pasha Mosque. You can also try the Turkish bath in Gazi Mehmetpasa, take a picnic in the Shar Mountains National Park, and finally go shopping in Pristina Bazaar before returning.



Where is Pristina located?

The city of Pristina is located in the Republic of Kosovo, and is the national and administrative capital of the country. It is in the northeastern corner of Kosovo near the Goljak Mountains.

The city overlooks from the south side both Lake Badovac, and the Saar Mountains, and it rises by 652 meters above sea level. The distance between Pristina and Prizren is about 85.3 km.



Closest airport to Pristina, Kosovo
Pristina International Airport
Pristina International Airport “Adam Jashari” is the closest airport to the city of Pristina, the capital of the Kosovar Republic. The airport serves Pristina Kosovo, and is the only port of entry for air travelers to Kosovo. The airport is 20.1 km from the capital, Pristina.

The language in Pristina
Albanian and Serbian are the two official languages ​​of Pristina, Kosovo.