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Tourism in Belgrade, Serbia “The White City”

Tourism in Belgrade, Serbia “The White City”

Tourism in Belgrade, Serbia “The White City”


Tourism in Belgrade, Serbia, the “White City” is full of vitality and activity, as it is one of the oldest cities on the European continent. Despite its chaotic and turbulent history, it has managed to firmly establish itself on the list of the most important tourist cities in Serbia.



Belgrade has an abundance of tourist attractions, with various parks and amusement parks, important historical buildings, boat rides on the Danube, Orthodox palaces of Serbian kings, museums and theaters and many other important tourist attractions that make it a unique destination. Explore through this article travel and tourism in Belgrade, Serbia and its most important tourist places…



The best hotels in Belgrade, Serbia

Do not worry about looking for accommodation in Belgrade, Serbia, as it has many high-end accommodation and hotels, which have all the various facilities and facilities that meet the requirements of the guests. Belgrade hotels are also distinguished by their varying prices to suit all social classes… Read more about the best hotels in Belgrade, Serbia.

The best time to travel to Belgrade, Serbia
The best time for travel and tourism in Belgrade, Serbia is during the period from “April to June”, as well as from “September to November”. And that’s where the weather is right for a perfect tourist vacation, where it’s warm, dry and nice.

The average temperature ranges between “18 – 22” degrees Celsius, which makes these periods the ideal time to explore the city, and practice many fun outdoor activities with absolute freedom.



The ideal period for tourism in Belgrade, Serbia
The ideal period of travel and tourism in Belgrade, Serbia is approximately three days. This is enough time to enjoy exploring the city and its most important landmarks. You can start your first day by wandering its luxurious streets, discovering old classic Belgrade, and distinctive Serbian buildings. In addition to visiting Belgrade Castle, Branko Bridge, and taking exciting boat tours.

On your second day, you can head to New Belgrade, towards Republic Square to visit the National Museum. And then visit the Nikola Tesla Museum, and Bajraklı Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Belgrade, dating back to the seventeenth century and still in use today. Finally, on the third day, you can try one of the restaurants and cafes, and wander around the famous Belgrade markets to buy souvenirs before preparing to leave the country.



Where is Belgrade located

Belgrade is located in the southeast of the European continent in the country of Serbia, specifically at the confluence of the Danube and the Sava River, and it is known as the White Castle. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, rising 117 meters above sea level. The distance between Belgrade and Vinca is approximately 16.2 km.

Closest airport to Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is the closest airport to the Serbian capital Belgrade, an international airport serving the capital, and the largest and busiest airport in Serbia. The airport is 19.9 km from Belgrade.

The language in Belgrade, Serbia
The Serbian language is the official language of the city of Belgrade, Serbia, and is the most widely spoken language in Serbia. There are also many minority languages, regional and foreign languages, the most important of which is English.