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Tourism in Luhansk Ukraine

Tourism in Luhansk Ukraine

Tourism in Luhansk Ukraine

Tourism in Luhansk Ukraine offers a lot of excitement and suspense for lovers of distinctive tourist destinations. It is a unique city that has managed to vigorously preserve its Ukrainian identity and culture. It allows you to see a lot of rich landscapes, and many tourist attractions, which made it one of the most important tourist cities in Ukraine in particular and in Europe in general.



If you are planning to spend a tourist vacation in Luhansk, Ukraine, continue reading this comprehensive article to learn about the best hotels and the most important tourist attractions recommended to visit during your holiday…



The best hotels in Luhansk, Ukraine

There is an abundance of distinctive hotels in Luhansk, guaranteeing you a successful and perfect tourist trip. Lugansk hotels are distinguished by their modernity of construction, and their equipment with all amenities and entertainment that meet all the needs of the guests. With their prices suitable for different tourist budgets… Read more about the best hotels in Luhansk Ukraine.

The best time to travel to Luhansk, Ukraine
The best time to travel and tourism in Luhansk is during the months from “May to September”. This is where the climatic conditions are warmer, in which the average temperature ranges between “18-30” degrees Celsius. This allows you to travel, hike and explore the city with complete freedom.



Where is Luhansk located?

Luhansk is a city located in Eastern Europe in the Donbass region of southeastern Ukraine. It covers an area of ​​257 km², and is 105 meters above sea level. The city of Luhansk is 831.3 km away from Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital.

Language in Luhansk Ukraine
Ukrainian language and Russian language are the two official languages ​​of Lugansk Ukraine.