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Walking on the Corniche and enjoying the scenery, the water and the clear sky

Walking on the Corniche and enjoying the scenery, the water and the clear sky

Walking on the Corniche and enjoying the scenery, the water and the clear sky



sea ​​promenade

The Corniche of the sea in Marsa Matrouh includes many free and private beaches, such as Mubarak Public Beach, the most famous beach on the Corniche



It is possible to walk on the Corniche and enjoy the landscape, the water and the clear sky. The city of Marsa Matrouh is also famous for the presence of the Al-Taff, which is several open vehicles behind each other, which can be ridden to see the entire Corniche.

On the opposite side of the beach, there are many shops where you can shop, as well as many hotels, restaurants and cafeterias, the most famous of which is Gelati Azza. There are also many street vendors displaying handicraft and Bedouin products that the province is famous for.



Siwa Oasis

Safari tourism is one of the new types of tourism in Egypt, and since Egypt is mostly a desert environment, this tourism has become popular in many cities, including Marsa Matrouh.

One of the most famous places known for safari tourism is Siwa Oasis, where sand dunes and the availability of springs with clear, warm water make tourists gather around to see the beauty of nature, trees and palms wrapped around the eyes. The oasis is 300 km west of Marsa Matrouh.

Tourists put up tents and personal belongings to stay in the desert and enjoy nature as it is. There is also this type of tourism car rally racing, which the world’s eyes began to turn to as a new type of race on the sand in the desert.




The circus is one of the non-traditional entertainment places that delight both young and old, and there is a circus at the end of the beach corniche in Marsa Matrouh, at the Marshal Ahmed El Badawy Hotel,

The circus offers many diverse paragraphs that add joy and happiness when seen, including the magician who deceives the eye with his skills and quick movements, and the stuntman who adds a part of the fun to the place with the movements he makes

And also a paragraph about training predators such as lions, which were trained to obey their trainers and perform the movements that give them a signal about them. There are also shows for pets and a singing link for children. There is also a link to shows for stars from the local national circus and the international circus, and the circus opens in summer only.



diving club

Many people think that diving is limited to the cities of the Red Sea, such as Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, but we find that there are some cities that have places for diving simulating nature, such as the diving club at the Basant Beach in Marsa Matrouh, which is equipped with the latest diving equipment and devices, which is classified globally as one of the best diving places.

Diving there is not limited to watching rare fish and coral reefs, but there is what always attracts tourists to dive in this poor area. The sunken ships since World War II, which are about thirty ships. Tourists come to the place to see what these ships were in and imagine the form of war at the time and enjoy the overlap between what God created and what man made, where fish use ships as her camouflaged.