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The Museum in Bahary, Alexandria

The Museum in Bahary, Alexandria

The Museum in Bahary, Alexandria




The museum is located in the Bahari area in Alexandria, next to the Qaitbay Citadel, and includes inside it many aquariums that include fish, reptiles and animals that live in the Red and Mediterranean Bahrain, as well as fish that live in fresh water. The banks of the Nile River, and it contains a laboratory to carry out some studies on the neighborhoods in the museum, and there are also some places inside the museum that contain fish and mummified marine creatures, such as a large skeleton of a shark and a mermaid model from ancient myths.



Fine Arts Museum

The museum is located in the Muharram Bey area, which displays many paintings by Egyptian artists and artists of other nationalities, and its story begins when the German (Edward Fred Heim) gifted the Alexandria municipality 210 paintings to the most important foreign artists and required the municipality to create a place to display his paintings or return them to his country Germany to display them in the Dusseldorf Museum . The municipality also donated the Alexandrian citizen (Baron de Mancha) a villa in the Muharram Bek area to establish a library and a museum of fine arts. The museum was built in 1949 and included an art library, galleries, a cultural center to present seminars, concerts and film shows. It was opened in 1954 and was developed by adding a building for workshops and a museum of Arabic calligraphy.




Montazah Gardens

There are the Montazah gardens in the area named after her and a neighborhood that wraps around the palace built by Khedive Abbas Helmy the Second to be a resting place for him in the summer. It was built in the Islamic and Florentine style. The park contains many types of trees, such as the famous palm trees, which are more than a hundred years old. Inside the park, there is the Salamlek Palace, the Haramlek Palace, a bridge between the Tea Island and the palaces, a cinema building, a train station, and offices for the management of the garden. The garden and the Palestine Hotel have appeared in many films, and a marathon has been held for walking more than once.



Al Qaed Ibrahim Mosque

The mosque is located in the Raml Station area in Alexandria. It was built in 1948 to commemorate the death of the leader Ibrahim Pasha, son of Muhammad Ali Pasha. It was designed by the Italian engineer (Mario Rossi). Of the worshipers, especially in the month of Ramadan, as it has a political position where demonstrators gather around it, and the mosque takes a long minaret, the last of which is a large and clear clock. The mosque is characterized by architectural beauty and various decorations from most ages. The Garden of the Immortals.



Zangat Al-Satat Market

Al-Zanaqa or Al-Khayt Market, as some people call it, is one of the most famous old markets in Alexandria. It is located in the Great Mansheya area and the reason for its name is the Al-Satat Al-Satat because of the large number of small shops stacked next to each other. Historians differ about the beginning of the construction of the market. Some refer it to the French campaign because France Street is next to it, and some of them to Muhammad Ali and others To a Moroccan merchant who set him up to display the carpets and textiles that his town was famous for. The zina was used to film many films and series, the most famous of which is the movie Raya and Sakina, whose name is associated with this street.