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Castle Zaman Taba

Castle Zaman Taba

Castle Zaman Taba

It also has diving areas where there are huge numbers of fish and coral reefs, the most famous of which is the giant Picasso area, as well as the remains of a basilica church that dates back to the sixth century AD and is a fortification of monks from the Byzantine era.


Castle Zaman Taba

One of the best landmarks of the city of Taba, as it is located on top of a desert hill between the cities of Taba and Nuweiba, and is considered a rare shrine of its kind, and you can practice diving, yoga, in addition to various places to eat.


By standing at the top, you can see the picturesque natural beaches of Taba and the Nuweiba Mountains of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The castle has artificial swimming pools next to the natural beaches, which tourists come from countries of the world to dive and enjoy watching the colorful fish and rare coral reefs on the beach

The castle also has many recreational activities such as restaurants that serve Bedouin meals and spa places that offer sunbathing and massage to help relax and touring the castle with a tour guide to explain its history and its most important landmarks. It is considered one of the most important tourist places in Taba.



Taba Museum

The Taba Museum includes 700 artifacts from all ages that passed through Egypt from the Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic, and Ottoman eras to the modern era. Excavations dating back to the Greek and Roman era and a mosaic floor that was found in the Albuluzin region.

Coral City

The city of Taba is considered one of the most cities in which there are many types of coral reefs at different depths under the sea, where there is what is known as the Marjamiya city, which consists of countless numbers and types of coral reefs gathered in one place and is an important destination for those coming to offer tourism in Taba.


Many colorful fish live next to coral reefs, which attracts tourists from all over the world to watch this huge gathering. Some fish such as lionfish, silver fish and some types of coral can be seen. Divers dive with them at a depth of twenty meters under the sea to see the entire marine life and enjoy the purity and purity of the water Simulation of nature in Aqarha and taking souvenir photos.

This area is considered one of the recreational areas for tourists, as it was specially equipped to occupy the first places in luxury in the Middle East and Africa. It is strategically located, as it overlooks the shores of the Red Sea and is close to Taba International Airport and Taba Port. It is also very close to three countries from which it is easy to reach.



In the highlands, there are many resorts and hotels that provide services to tourists to the fullest so that the tourist does not feel bored. There are also centers for diving education, shopping centers, buying souvenirs, and clubs to play the sport of golf loved by many tourists, and the tourist can practice climbing some mountains in a safe way for those who love adventures And enjoy watching the landmarks of Taba from the top