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The Red Mill “Mouline de Ross is very famous and popular

The Red Mill “Mouline de Ross is very famous and popular

The Red Mill “Mouline de Ross is very famous and popular

The Red Mill in Delft, Holland

Moulin de Ross was established in 1679 AD, and it is very famous and popular in the city. This is because it is the last windmill still standing among the 15 fine mills that adorned Delft. It was used as a corn mill, and was constructed from stone to replace the old wooden version.


You can enjoy watching this wonderful structure, and learn how the mill works in operation. In addition to wandering in the shop next door, which is famous for selling fresh baked goods that I enjoy eating during your tour.



Water boat trips
Water boat trips in Delft, Netherlands

Delft has many wonderful aqueducts, which were originally used to defend the city. Therefore, there are many interesting boat trips that you can take during tourism in Delft, the Netherlands.

This is the perfect way to explore the city up close, and from different angles through the waterways. This water tour takes approximately an hour full of excitement and entertainment. You can also use these boats to move from one place to another as an enjoyable means of transportation.



Wilhelmina Park

Wilhelmina Park, established in 1930, is a public park rich in English landscapes. It has undergone many renovations and restorations to keep it to a very good standard. Located on the northern edge of the city of Delft, this natural park provides you with the opportunity to do many enjoyable recreational activities.

You can take long walks on the park’s many paths, jogging, and biking. In addition to discovering a variety of lakes and sitting next to them, and contemplating that charming nature around you, it is an ideal recreational park suitable for families.



Delft Science Center

The Science Center was established in 1911, and is located in an old historic building on the grounds of the University of Technology in Delft. It is an ideal place for entertainment, especially with children.

The center provides visitors with many scientific activities, and fun entertainment experiences such as testing experimental racing cars, aircraft to simulate Dick Patrol, in addition to visiting open workshops, which allows you to watch interaction with students working on a variety of interesting projects.



East Gate “Oostpoort”
east gate delft netherlands

The East Gate is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist attractions in the Netherlands Delft. It is located at the intersection of a number of canals, in the southeast corner of the old town. It is distinguished by its unique Gothic architecture. The twin towers of the building were built in 1400 AD.

They were expanded in the sixteenth century. You can walk around the outside of the building, enjoying wonderful views of the canal and the surrounding beautiful buildings and homes. Do not miss visiting this beautiful gate during your holiday in the Dutch city of Delft.