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Tourism in Delft, the Netherlands, is one of the most distinguished tourist destinations in Europe

Tourism in Delft, the Netherlands, is one of the most distinguished tourist destinations in Europe

Tourism in Delft, the Netherlands, is one of the most distinguished tourist destinations in Europe

It is a city characterized by its culture and traditions, and the splendor of tourist places and canals. They are a wonderful blend of medieval relics and golden age technology. This Dutch city offers tourists fascinating tours of its canals, museums, markets, palaces, and a number of medieval homes.



This is in addition to many historical monuments with unique architecture such as the city hall. Delft is characterized by the world-famous pottery industry, and one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the Netherlands.


Tourism in Delft, the Netherlands

Explore the Dutch city of Delft through this comprehensive guide, about travel and tourism in Delft, the Netherlands. To get acquainted with the most important tourist places and attractions in Delft, and the best hotels to stay during your holiday…

The best hotels in Delft, Netherlands

Delft has a distinctive and diverse group of luxury hotels and resorts, which suit all budgets and are distinguished by their reasonable prices. Delft hotels are also distinguished by their excellent locations near the city’s tourist attractions, and they provide the best hotel services to guests… Read more about the best hotels in Delft Holland.



The best time to travel to Delft, the Netherlands
The best time to travel and tourism in the Netherlands Delft, from the month (May to October). This is where the temperature is mild and pleasant, with little chance of precipitation. The temperature ranges from (15-20) degrees Celsius.

Also, during those months the city blooms with color and vitality, which makes it an ideal time to explore different parts of the city on foot, and do various tourist and recreational activities.



The ideal period for tourism Delft Netherlands
The ideal period for travel and tourism in Delft, the Netherlands, is about 5 days. It is an ample time, allowing you to explore the city, get acquainted with its culture and do the best leisure and tourist activities. You can start by walking around the city, seeing its archaeological and historical monuments, and trying its fine restaurants.

Then head to the old Delft Canal, and have a cup of coffee with delicious pastries. Also explore the historic center of Delft, the market, and wander its beautiful streets. You can also ride free bikes, visit international fashion stores, and discover the technological miracles of Delft University of Technology. And do not miss to take the most wonderful pictures, and buy the most beautiful souvenirs before your return.



Where is Delft located?

Delft is located in the southwest of the Netherlands, between the cities of The Hague and Rotterdam, and is called the “City of Knowledge”. It covers an area of ​​24.08 km², and Delft is 68.2 km away from the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

Closest airport to Delft, Netherlands
Rotterdam The Hague Airport
The nearest airport to Delft is Rotterdam The Hague Airport, which is an international airport serving Rotterdam and The Hague in the Netherlands. It is the third busiest airport in the Netherlands, and the airport is 11.6 km from Delft.

The language in Delft
Dutch and Frisian are the two official languages ​​of the Netherlands. The Dutch language is most widely spoken in Delft.