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Talia Marais Beach Club is the best hangout in Doha

Talia Marais Beach Club is the best hangout in Doha

Talia Marais Beach Club is the best hangout in Doha

Talia Marais Beach Club in Doha

Talia Marais Beach Club is one of the best places to relax in Doha. The place has a calm atmosphere, great music. It is located on the Lido Venezia beach on the island of the Pearl, among the colorful houses. You can lie on the sun loungers, and enjoy the dreamy beach atmosphere.


You can also use all the recreational services available on the beach, and your children will enjoy fun beach games. There is a café and a restaurant that serves delicious dishes. You can also play many interesting water games. It is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Doha, Qatar, which we advise you to visit.



falcon market
Falcon market in Doha, Qatar

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Falcon Market for a look at the unique Qatari heritage. Evening is the best time to visit the market, especially on Thursdays. And that’s where you can watch customers check the birds, covered with a black leather hood, and sit on poles to check before buying, to make sure they are free of any disease or blemish.

The Falcon Market includes a large number of shops selling falcons and their tools, as well as a hospital to treat falcons. It is an ideal market, especially for falcon enthusiasts. And a unique experience to explore the Qatari Arab heritage and culture.



Souq Waqif Doha

Souq Waqif is one of the vibrant landmarks in the city, and it is an ideal place that we suggest you visit during your tourism in Doha Qatar. Souq Waqif is known as the “Permanent Market,” and the entire market area has been cleverly redeveloped, to look like part of a 19th century souk.

You can learn about the city’s traditions, through the products of the shops, the perfumes, and the architecture that surrounds the market. Convenience stores offer a wide range of different products such as spices, handicrafts, clothes and many souvenirs. The ambiance of the market is a mixture of modernity and heritage, with mud shops and exposed wooden beams. In addition to some old and heritage Qatari buildings, which have been beautifully restored.



Dune bashing adventure
Dune bashing in Doha

Doha is famous for its desert safaris, where you can go on classic adventures such as riding a camel on the sand dunes, exploring the vast desert and enjoying nature at its best.

There are many different ways through the sand dunes, as well as enjoying the wonderful sunset over Doha, in an unforgettable scene. Do not hesitate to try this interesting adventure during your vacation.



Doha Corniche

For a perfect holiday in Doha, a stroll along the Doha Corniche on West Bay is a must. To enjoy the stunning views of the bay, it is also the heart of the Qatari capital.

Along the Doha Corniche there are many shops, cafes and restaurants. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Doha, Qatar, that you must visit during your tourist vacation, and take distinctive souvenir photos.