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The most important tourist places in Utrecht, Netherlands

The most important tourist places in Utrecht, Netherlands

The most important tourist places in Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht has a variety of distinctive tourist attractions. Here are 8 of the most important tourist places in Utrecht, the Netherlands, that we advise you to visit during your holiday:



Utrecht Botanical Gardens

The Utrecht Botanical Gardens are located at the University of Utrecht, in the eastern part of the city, around an old abandoned fortress, dating back to the university’s early days in the 17th century. Covering an area of ​​about 22 acres, you can explore the six botanical gardens, and learn about a variety of pollinating insects, fountains, plants and trees, and a beautiful array of butterflies.



You can also visit the old botanical gardens, which care for medicinal plants and ancient ginkgo trees, and the Utrecht University Museum. In addition to visiting the rock garden and the fortress area, which includes different types of flowers. In addition to a wildlife park, where various animals and insects.

Wilhelmina Park Utrecht

Wilhelmina Park is a huge theme park and park to the east of Utrecht. It is an ideal place to spend a pleasant leisure time, in the midst of beautiful nature. The park was opened for the first time in 1898 AD, and “Henry Cobgin” designed it in a unique style, where the wonderful English landscape.


You can enjoy the many recreational activities in the garden, such as cycling in the bike path, wandering between the rose garden and a large central pond, and a group of beautiful trees. As well as enjoy sitting in the designated places in the middle of the botanical garden, where the monuments and statues such as the statue of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, for which the garden is named.



Castle de Har
Castle de Haar Utrecht

De Haar Castle was built in 122 AD. The castle is located just 16 kilometers west of Utrecht, set among wonderful gardens, half surrounded by a moat and a beautiful lake. The castle enjoys wide prestige and fame, because it is not only the largest castle in the Netherlands, but is also considered one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Utrecht, the Netherlands, thanks to its beautiful appearance, fantasy design and large and spacious area.

The castle has a stunning interior, with many wood carvings, art collections, and tapestries. On top of its large collection of antiquities, furniture, paintings and tapestries, along with its rich decor. It also holds many celebrations and festivals.