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Tourism in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Tourism in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Tourism in Dhaka, Bangladesh

One of the distinctive tourist destinations in South Asia. This is due to its pleasant climatic atmosphere, and many diverse tourist attractions, including scenic natural landmarks, and distinctive historical



archaeological sites. In addition to recreational parks such as safari park, lakes, rivers, national parks and amusement parks.

As well as forts, mosques, ancient cities, theaters and many other tourist attractions, which attract many tourists from different parts constantly. This made it one of the most important tourism cities in Bangladesh.



Tourism in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Explore with us tourism in Dhaka, Bangladesh through this comprehensive. To get to know the most important information, and the best hotels to stay. As well as to discover the most important tourist attractions that we advise you to visit in Dhaka…

Best hotels in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Best hotels in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka has a distinguished group of luxury hotels, and high-end resorts that crown your holiday with more luxury. It is also characterized by its location close to restaurants, cafes and major attractions in Dhaka. It is also distinguished by providing excellent services at competitive prices… Read more about Dhaka Bangladesh hotels.




Best time to travel to Dhaka, Bangladesh
The best time for travel and tourism in Dhaka is during the period (November to April), when the warm climate ranges between (23-30) degrees Celsius.

This period is considered the peak season for tourism in Dhaka. As it is the ideal time to discover Dhaka and its most important landmarks, take a walk, and practice outdoor sports and leisure activities freely.

The ideal period of tourism in Dhaka, Bangladesh
The ideal duration of tourism in Bangladesh is about three days. You can make a well-planned tourism program, to crown your vacation with a visit to many attractions in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Do not miss to enjoy walking tours in the historical old city of Dhaka, see forts, and museums.

And take a day trip to rural areas, architectural highlights, and mangrove forests. As well as spotting wildlife and salt water crocodiles, lizards, Ganges river dolphins and many more, then return at the end of the third day to the hotel and prepare to leave.




Where is Dhaka located?

Dhaka is located in the south central part of Bangladesh. It is at latitude 23.71 and longitude 90.41. And that is on the channel of the famous Daleswari River in the largest and most important agricultural area for the cultivation of jute plant “Indian Heart” in the world, specifically on the Buriganga River.

The city of Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, and one of the largest cities in the world, and the distance between Dhaka and the city of Dhamri is about 39 km.



Closest airport to dhaka bangladesh
Shah Jalal International Airport
Shah Jalal International Airport
Shah Jalal International Airport is the largest international airport in Bangladesh, with an area of ​​802 hectares. Formerly known as Dhaka International Airport, the airport is the main hub for Biman Bangladesh Airlines, and many other private airlines of Bangladesh. The airport is about 21 km north of Dhaka city centre.

language in dhaka
Bengali is the official language spoken in Dhaka and is the most widely spoken language in Bangladesh.