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Soymbika Tower in Kazan, Russia

Soymbika Tower in Kazan, Russia

Soymbika Tower in Kazan, Russia


Soymbika Tower “Khan Mosque”

Soyombeka Tower located in the Kazan Kremlin, it is a wonderful piece of historical Russian architecture, with a tragic story in the past. According to local folklore, Princess Soyombek (sister of the deposed Khan) is said to have thrown herself from the top of the tower, to avoid being forced to marry Ivan the Terrible.

Built more than a hundred years after the storming of Ivan Kazan, the tower is the most famous building in Russia. The tower’s weak foundation had begun to sink, giving the tower a noticeable, eye-catching slope.



Bowman Street
Bauman Street in Kazan

Bauman Street is the main tourist artery of the city, which leads to the Kazan Kremlin. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kazan, Russia. The history of this central street dates back to 1552 AD.

Bauman Street is famous for its historical monuments, the Kachalov Drama Theater, the Press House, and the Fountain. In addition to gift shops, cafes and historical buildings. You can stroll day and night and enjoy live street music. And don’t forget to drop a coin at the famous Frog Fountain on Bowman Street.



Kazan Central Market

You can easily reach Kazan Central Market. It gives you a good idea about the atmosphere of the real Tatar bazaar, and to discover the culture of Kazan. Here you can find everything at very cheap prices, it is full of vendors selling everything from clothes, vegetables, as well as dairy and meat products.

Plus some delicious locally made food. It is also a good opportunity to discover Russia in the 1990s, where almost nothing has changed in the market since then.



chuck chuck museum
Chak Chak Museum in Kazan

Chak Chak Museum is one of the most famous tourist museums in Kazan, Russia, especially if you are a food lover. It offers its guests a taste of traditional Tatar food and drinks, such as sweets, tea and cake.

On top of learning how to make chuck chuck balls, that festive honey baked dough. As well as listening to their stories, and getting acquainted with the characteristics of the traditional way of life of the Tatars. You must book in advance if you wish to visit it.




Kaban Lakes
Kaban lakes, Russia

Kaban Lakes are a whole system of lakes in Kazan, with a total length of 10 km. The most famous part of it is located in the downtown area, namely, Nizhny Kaban Lake. It is an ideal recreational getaway for tourists and local visitors alike.

You can enjoy a walk by the lake, and breathe the fresh air. And enjoy a group of the most beautiful landscapes of water and green gardens. As well as enjoying watching groups of swans swimming inside the lake, and taking the most beautiful memorial photographs with them.


Kazan Zoological and Botanical Garden

Kazan Zoological and Botanical Garden is the oldest amusement park in Russia and Europe. It is also the only park in Russia, which combines the collections of zoology and botanical sciences. It is considered one of the best tourist attractions in Kazan, Russia, ideal for families, especially children.



The Kazan Zoological and Botanical Garden includes more than 160 species of diverse and exotic animals, as well as many rare and endangered ones. The park has been included in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The Botanical Garden also includes more than a thousand species of beautiful plants. There you can do many fun recreational activities, such as walking around, riding horses, or trying to feed the animals and take beautiful photographs with them. It is a park worth visiting.