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Tourism in Kazan, Russia

Tourism in Kazan, Russia

Tourism in Kazan, Russia


Tourism in Kazan, Russia, is rich in a diverse and interesting history and culture, as it is a tourist destination in which the West blends with the East. It is home to several World Heritage sites and is also full of legends, which you can discover while wandering its streets.



It also features gardens and amusement parks, fountains, museums, castles, the famous Kremlin building, and rivers that provide you with enjoyable river tours. Therefore, Kazan is an ideal destination for spending the best tourism holidays in Russia.

Tourism in Kazan, Russia

Explore for yourself tourism in Kazan Russia, and learn about nominations for the best Kazan hotels. As well as explore 10 of the most important tourist attractions in Kazan, which we advise you to visit during your tourist vacation.



The best hotels in Kazan, Russia

Kazan has many luxury hotels, which are located among the most important tourist places of the city. Some of them feature wonderful views of the beautiful landscapes. If you are looking for recommendations for special accommodations during your tourist vacation… Read more about the best hotels in Kazan, Russia.

The best time to travel to Kazan, Russia
The best time for travel and tourism in Kazan, Russia, is during the summer season from “June to August”, when temperatures are moderate and range between “21-25” degrees Celsius. It is an ideal atmosphere for exploring the city of Kazan, visiting its most important tourist and archaeological attractions, as well as doing the most beautiful recreational and tourist activities abroad.

The ideal period of tourism Kazan Russia
The optimal duration of tourism in Kazan Russia is approximately two days. You can discover the most important and most famous sights of the city in just two days. On your first day, learn about Eastern and European architecture, and visit the Kazan Kremlin, its most famous tourist attraction.

On your second day, you can go to the rural villages, and the island of Svyazek to see a group of the most beautiful natural areas surrounding Kazan, with views of the forests, valley and hills. At the end of the day, you can go to buy souvenirs from the city’s shopping centers, and then return to the hotel to prepare for departure.


Where is Kazan?

Kazan is located on the Central Plains at the confluence of the Kazanka River and the Volga, one of the longest rivers in Europe. It rises 300 meters above sea level. Kazan is about 820 km from the Russian capital, Moscow.


Closest airport to Kazan, Russia


Kazan International Airport (KZN) is an international airport in Russia, serving the city of Kazan. The airport is among the 15 busiest in Russia. This is where more than 3 million passengers handle it every year. The airport is located about 25 km from the city center of Kazan.

The language in Kazan
Russian and Tatar are the two official languages ​​spoken in the Russian city of Kazan.