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Museums and monuments Orlando

Museums and monuments Orlando

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum

Imaginative and stunning architecture, the tilted Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum feels like it’s coming out of the ground. This museum attracts many visitors from different parts of the country. This archaeological museum includes many strange, rare, and unbelievable exhibits, which were collected by “Marco Polo, Robert Ripley” for more than forty years.



The number of these exhibits is about 600 unique pieces. It also houses the surprisingly colorful vortex tunnel, with a baffling optical illusion. It is one of the strangest tourist attractions in Orlando that we advise you to visit.

Islands of Adventure Park

The Adventure Park in Orlando is one of the distinctive recreational areas, which allows visitors to enjoy a fun adventure through an expedition to the eight islands. The lighthouse of the pharaohs, which sends a beam, illuminates the way for visitors to and from the gates.




As well as the Marvel Heroes Island, with its wonderful architecture, the Skull Island, which includes the character of King Kong, the Wizarding World Island inspired by Harry Potter films, the Island of the Lost Continent, as well as Jurassic Park and many interesting water games.



Lake Eola Park

Lake Eola Park is a recreational park that attracts tourists from all over the world, where visitors enjoy a walk in the green nature. You can also sail in the lake, rent a swan-shaped boat, and enjoy watching the wonderful birds that are inside the lake, feeding them and taking the most beautiful pictures with them.

Inside the lake there are many theatrical performances, Walt Disney shows and concerts. There are also many cafes and restaurants, as well as the dancing Allen Memorial Fountain, which has cheerful colors that reflects on the lake.

Lake Eola Park includes many historical attractions, such as Chinese Kiosk, Historic Eola House, Historic Rock Garden, Walt Disney Amphitheater, Meditation Monument, Spry Fountain and many more. All this in addition to the theme park of the park, which includes a children’s playground.



Madame Tussauds Orlando Museum

This museum is one of the most important international museums, as it includes wonderful wax statues of the most famous personalities in the world, as a kind of salute to these famous people in cinema, television, sports and music, as well as with the most important celebrities of culture and history, as well as famous cartoon characters.

The museum allows you to take the most beautiful souvenir photos with your favorite characters, as they look very real. The museum also hosts celebrities, and you can take pictures with them and their wonderful wax statues.



Old Town Park

Old Town Park is a prominent tourist and shopping destination in Orlando, as it includes many shops, restaurants, and cafes. As well as the trees that decorate the streets with their green leaves.

You can enjoy a unique tour of the Vivian Spa for relaxation, as well as many competitions and events, physical games, motorcycle tour, karaoke, ATV show and more. It also has the Happy Days Complex, the Haunted Terror Farm, and the Great Hall of Magic.



Orlando Marine Life Aquarium

The Aquarium of Marine Life in Orlando includes many different types of marine creatures, such as sea horses, jellyfish, sharks, huge turtles and many other marine creatures, which visitors enjoy watching through the glass.

The aquarium also houses many exotic species, from sea mammals swimming among coral reefs, to gigantic statues. There is a tunnel under the basin to form an attractive path for visitors.



Disney Hollywood Studios

Finally, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which is considered one of the most important tourist places in Orlando. And most famous for it, is the spooky Twilight Tower, and the great movie tour.

Visitors are entertained on Hollywood Boulevard, with its magnificent gateway resembling the Pan Pacific Ballroom. As well as spending quality time in the Dolls’ Court, which shows 3D films for the puppets. As well as the Pixar Zone dedicated to films and characters, created by the famous Pixar Studios in the world of cartoon films.