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The best tourist cities in Macedonia

The best tourist cities in Macedonia

The best tourist cities in Macedonia




When planning travel and tourism in Macedonia, be sure to draw up an appropriate tourism program, including the most important tourist places and cities. Here are the top 10 most important tourist cities in Macedonia that we recommend you to visit. As well as the most important tips and instructions necessary, which you must know before traveling …



Tourism in Skopje

Skopje is the capital of the prosperous Macedonian Republic, and it is one of the largest cities in Macedonia. It is the administrative and commercial center of the country, as well as being home to a third of the country’s population. Located in the heart of the Balkan island, it is one of the top major tourist destinations in Macedonia.

Skopje is distinguished by its urban beauty, and its style that blends modern and ancient. It is also distinguished by its magnificent architecture, evident in the Baroque buildings, fountains, and monuments that line up in a discontinuous sequence. This is in addition to the beautiful historical monuments, dating back to the Ottoman era, such as the Mustafa Pasha Mosque, and the huge statue of Alexander the Great that was commissioned to celebrate the independence of Macedonia. There are also many neoclassical columns and statues.


And don’t miss walking around Macedonia Street, going to the many shopping centers and enjoying the nightlife. In addition to visiting the Sculpture Museum, and the Old Bazaar, which is located on the east bank of the Vardar River. It is a beautiful city with many tourist attractions.



Tourism in Ohrid

Ohrid is one of the main and important cities in Macedonia, and was known as the “Jerusalem of the Balkans” as it is home to about 365 churches. It is located southwest of Macedonia on the coast of Lake Ohrid, and it is one of the most important tourist cities in Macedonia, and it is visited by large numbers of tourists from all over the world.

You can enjoy a distinguished range of enjoyable recreational activities, the most important of which is exploring the quiet Ohrid Lake on the Albanian border of Montenegro, and due to its scenic natural beauty and diverse ecosystem, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. And the practice of many water sports, fishing and boating.



In addition to its clear waters, it has many wonderful engineering monuments, which are among its most famous attractions, such as Samuel’s Castle, the surprising Church of Saints “Clement and Panteleimon”, as well as a visit to Saint John in Caño Church to enjoy the amazing panoramic views over the lake, and the fortress of Caesar Samuel, which dates back to It dates back to the fourth century. On top of all of the above, don’t miss wandering the cobblestone streets, seeing the orange-roofed houses, visiting museums, churches, ancient historical theaters, and Bone Bay which is an overwater museum and an enormous archaeological complex. Finally, experience the city’s cafes and restaurants.



Tourism in Bitola

Bitola is one of the favorite tourist destinations, which is very popular with tourists from various sides. It has a unique location in the southwestern part of North Macedonia. It was known as the “City of Consuls”, as it served as a diplomatic center for the region, including many consulates of European countries. It is an ancient Ottoman city characterized by elegance and sophistication.

Fun activities in Bitola vary, the most important of which is to explore the colorful houses of independent Macedonia from the eighteenth century, and Turkish mosques scattered throughout the country. In addition to strolling down Sheroke Sokak Street, enjoying the European atmosphere in Bitola Cafés, the 17th century Roman Baths, the Old Town, the Bitola Museum, and the rugged Pelister National Park, which includes many wonderful animals and plants, do not hesitate to visit.



Tourism in Prilep

The beautiful city of Prilep is the fifth largest city in the Republic of Macedonia, and it is one of the important tourist cities in Macedonia. The city has many wonderful tourist attractions, and the city became known as “The City Under the Marco Towers”.

The city includes a distinguished group of historical monuments dating back to the medieval period, among them the ruins of a castle located at the top of Prilep Hill, as well as a distinguished group of giant boulders, as well as monasteries and churches.

Prilep is also a highly developed industrial sector, famous for manufacturing tobacco, pure white marble, electronics, food, wood and many more.



Tourism in Stromica

The city of Strumica is quiet, which made it one of the most famous and most beautiful tourist cities in Macedonia. It provides its visitors with relaxation and away from the noise of major cities, and is very popular, and is located in eastern Macedonia.

This beautiful city in rural Macedonia is characterized by Byzantine monasteries, as well as the waterfalls “Kolcino and Smoller” and the charming mountains that enable visitors to do this enjoyable recreational activities in addition to the beautiful historical monuments, dating back to the fifth century such as Karvi Koli Castle, and the nearby border crossing to Bulgaria.

This is in addition to the opportunity to explore the amazing Macedonian countryside, and attend many festivals and celebrations, one of the most important and prominent of which is the Strumica Carnival, in which the entire city gathers with fun traditional and musical events.



Tourism in Berovo

Berovo is a fresh air resort, as it has the highest concentration of oxygen in Macedonia. It is located in the eastern part of North Macedonia, and has a privileged location on the banks of Lake Berovo at the foot of the Malyshevo Mountains, right next to the Berovo Forest. Therefore, it enjoys beautiful landscapes that tourists resort to for relaxation and harmony.



Berovo is a small town that allows its visitors to do many exciting leisure activities. Among the most important are wandering in the cobbled streets, walking and camping in the forest area with green spaces, and the turquoise waters