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Tourism in Zlin

Tourism in Zlin

Tourism in Zlin
The city is located in southeastern Moravia on the Dřevnice River. The city is characterized by an attractive nature as well as a recent history after the First World War. In other words, the development of the modern city is closely related to Bata Shoes and its social scheme.



Important developments in the story of Zlin extend from 1949 to 1990, during which time the name of the city was changed to Gottwaldof. To turn into a modern industrial city for visitors as a stop during tourism trips in the Czech Republic.



Tips before traveling to the Czech Republic
Despite the beauty of nature in the Czech Republic and its combination with the elements of historical monuments, what attracts different nationalities for tourism here. However, to have an enjoyable tourist vacation in the country requires tourists to plan well with following the following tips and guidelines:



Go hiking
The Czech Republic is filled with historical sites and archaeological quarters, which cannot be explored without walking around. A lightning pass through the means of transportation will deprive visitors of getting to know the beauty of the details.

Be careful of your personal items
Although the Czech Republic is safe, heavy tourist seasons can present an opportunity for pickpockets. Therefore, it is better for tourists to carry their money and necessary documents in hand or waist bag.



Get CZK from official exchange offices
Many Czech restaurants and shops refuse to deal in dollars or euros. This is what compels tourists to exchange their national currency with Czech flexibility, and to avoid fraud and fraud, it is better to exchange currency in one of the official offices, which is widely spread in hotels and airports as well.

Know when and where to shop
It is very common for tourists to look for souvenirs when visiting the Czech Republic, but it pays to be aware of when to shop. Many shops in the Czech Republic close between 5-7 pm. It is also possible to get what you want from wooden dolls or crystal gifts at more economical prices when moving away from the tourist attractions and heading towards the popular markets.



Take advantage of discounted public transportation offers
In the Czech Republic, public transport cards with multi-use validity are sold at reasonable prices. It is a good idea if you are looking to save on travel costs.

keep the law
One of the important tips when traveling in the Czech Republic is to adhere to the laws while driving or using transportation to avoid fines. As well as carrying travel and legal documents permanently for ease of use in front of the security authorities when necessary.