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Tourism in Como

Tourism in Como

Como is a border city located between the Italian north and the Swiss northwest, and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Italy.

Its economy depends on the silk industry and tourism recently, and tourism in Italian Como is gaining its fame from its charming lake and green mountain ranges, its buildings and palaces that reflect the beauty and elegance of Italian architecture, and its hotels that are no less elegant and charming than their ancient buildings.

To further match the magic of imagination with reality, we will take you on a quick trip to Como’s most beautiful attractions

Lake Como
It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Italian Como, which captures the hearts and eyes of tourists thanks to its glacial nature and its depth that exceeds 400 meters and makes it one of the deepest European lakes and its area exceeding 140 square kilometers, making it the third largest Italian lake, in addition to its pure blue water.

It is well known, as it is one of the best things to visit during tourism in Como Italy, where you can enjoy the greenery and the picturesque mountain nature among the most famous mountain ranges in Europe, and the region offers safari trips, camping, and even climbing wonderful for hobbyists or an exciting mountain bike ride.

Como Cathedral
One of the best tourist places in Como for art lovers, as the cathedral, which is located near the lake, is distinguished by its unique architectural design dating back to the end of the 14th century, the rich statues that decorate its entrance and the drawings that adorn its walls and ceilings from the inside, it is an architectural masterpiece that deserves to be seen and documented.

Social Theater
One of the architectural and artistic masterpieces that the Italian city of Como abounds, as it is built in a majestic neo-classic style from the outside, a vast interior with multiple floors.To say, 5 floors, accommodating about 90 spectators, follow the masterpieces of the world theater, you can simply be one of them.

Volta Lighthouse
It is not just a landmark that you visit while tourism in Como, Italy, but rather it is a tour that reveals the magical beauty of the city.

The lighthouse, with a length of 29 meters, is located on the highest mountain peak, providing you with an integrated view of the Alps and the lake, and accessing it requires a ride on the funicular and thus enjoying the picturesque scenery for which the Italian city of Como is famous.

Castello El Baradillo Castle
It is one of the best tourist places in Como if you want to explore the long history of the city by visiting its impregnable fortress with a long history against the attacks of enemies while winning a wonderful panoramic view of the beautiful city from the top of a hill exceeding 400 above sea level, where the steadfast castle is located.

Villa Carlotta
It is one of the most beautiful sites of tourism in Italian Como, which is distinguished by the abundance of its villas, especially those that extend along the coast of the lake or near it, such as this villa located in the town of Termitsu near Lake Como.

Villa Carlotta is distinguished by its majestic white building, which extends inland up to 70,000 square meters, as well as its vast flowered garden and its great sculptures.

Italian garden
One of the most famous, beautiful and cheapest parks in the Italian city of Como, it is an ideal destination for families to relax, relax and stroll during tourism in Como between gradations of tropical plants, fragrant flowers, sculptures, magnificent statues and luxurious palaces.

Como markets
Como is famous as the city of silk, so it is impossible to visit it without going through its ubiquitous shops and boutiques and buying some of its fine silk textiles, it is a fun experience that you should not miss.

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