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Tourism in Valencia

Tourism in Valencia

Valencia is a beach tourism with an archaeological, historical and architectural flavor. This is what you can say to you the charming Spanish tourist city upon your arrival for tourism, as the city has a number of antique and modern buildings magnificently built with beaches, recreational activities, wonderful parks and hotels of great sophistication and luxury.

old City
Your trip to Valencia cannot be considered tourism without visiting the old city, where the most important monuments of museums, buildings and squares are located, some of which date back to two thousand years, and bear architectural frills from several civilizations, such as Islamic, Roman and Byzantine.

And if you are tired of the historic visits, you can simply take a tour of the charming Spanish parks of Valencia or wander overnight through the cobbled alleys of the old town where simple traditional shops and cafes teem with visitors.

Valencia Cathedral
It is an architectural masterpiece that adorns the city of Valencia and is distinguished by its architectural style that is derived from several civilizations and time periods that reflect the cultural events and revolutions that the city has witnessed since and during the 8 centuries. The Moroccan Oriental and its tower for climbing and taking pictures.

Porcelain and ceramic museum
To go to Valencia as tourism, you should not miss visiting this museum, as Valencia acquired Spain from its Andalusian roots the art of making ceramics, colored pottery and gypsum artifacts with skill and creativity reflected in this ancient museum through its halls that display unparalleled artifacts and treasures.

Park del Turia
One of the most beautiful places that you can visit while tourism in Spanish Valencia is to get a space of relaxation and relaxation in the picturesque surroundings.

The beauty of the place is even greater if it is in the presence of the family, where 9 kilometers of plants and fragrant flowers, carved fountains, artificial lakes and playgrounds with dedicated hiking and cycling paths.

City of Arts and Sciences
Perhaps many are planning to come to Valencia as a tourism to see this unique architectural beauty, who threw the seed of the brilliant architect Santiago Calatrava in this place to be along with his stunning design, one of the largest scientific and cultural monuments in Europe during the third millennium.

Perhaps one of the most important icons in the city, with its multiple buildings, which were classified as the most visited by tourists in Valencia, is the Temple Dome and the Space Probe, it is an ideal destination for families and children during tourism in Valencia, Spain.

Torres de Serranos Castle
One of the most important and most beautiful archaeological sites in the city of Valencia, which dates back to the Middle Ages, specifically the end of the 14th century.

Central Market
It is one of the recommended destinations to visit in the Spanish city of Valencia when planning to visit Valencia, as shopping tourism as well as mixing with the city’s natives.

It is one of the oldest markets in Europe and the most famous local market in Spain, where you can win the chance to buy some fruits, vegetables and delicious local foods.

Beaches of Valencia
As an important and charming coastal city, it is natural for tourism in Valencia to be beach tourism, with its high-end resorts and stunning beaches containing coral reefs and various and rare marine creatures in attractive colors with a suitable space for enjoyable beach sports such as fishing, diving, horse riding and cycling.

Perhaps the most famous beaches for tourists in Valencia are Playa de Malvarrosa and de Levante.

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