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Tourism in Indonesia

Tourism in Indonesia

Tourist places in Indonesia



Tourism in Indonesia Information about tourist places in Indonesia

Information about tourism in Indonesia


Discover with us what is most characteristic of tourism in Indonesia, and the most important landmarks and attractions of Indonesia. Also, learn about the most beautiful islands in Indonesia and the best tourist cities in them.

The Republic of Indonesia (in Indonesian: Republik Indonesia), is a country located in Southeast Asia.

Tourism in Indonesia
Information about tourism in Indonesia
Indonesia includes 17,508 islands. With a population of about 238 million people, this is the fourth most populous country, and the largest population in the world of Muslims. Indonesia is a republic, with an elected legislature and president. The capital city of the country is Jakarta.

Indonesia is made up of different ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups spread and dispersed across the many islands. The Javanese are the largest ethnic group in the country and are politically dominant. Indonesia has developed a common identity defined by a national language; As for ethnic diversity and religious pluralism, they were placed within the majority of the Muslim population, and are united by the history of colonialism, resistance and rebellion against this colonialism. Indonesia’s national slogan is: “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” (which means “unity in diversity”). Despite its large population and densely populated areas, Indonesia has vast areas of wild land that make it the second largest in terms of biodiversity in the world. Indonesia is rich in natural resources, but poverty is still widespread until now in many parts of contemporary Indonesia.




Culture and history

Indonesia has about 300 ethnic groups, each with cultural differences that have developed for more than centuries, and have been influenced by European, Malay, Chinese, Arab and Indian sources. Witchcraft or the use of satanic acts is a phenomenon widespread among Indonesians.

Tourist areas in Indonesia
Tanjung Puting
Tanjung Puting National Park is located on the Indonesian island of Borneo in Central Kalimantan province. The park is a popular ecotourism destination, and many local tourism companies can offer boat trips for several days to view wildlife and visit research centers. Wildlife includes macaques, leopards, sun bears, snakes and crocodiles, the most famous of which is orangutans. Unfortunately the park is threatened by illegal logging and deforestation for agricultural use.



– Baliem Valley
Baliem Valley is located in the western highlands of New Guinea and provides a glimpse into what was recently the world of the Stone Age. The valley was unknown to the outside world until 1938 when the first aerial reconnaissance flight southward from the Netherlands (now Jayapura), the inhabitants discovered agriculture.

– Mount Bromo
Gunung Bromo is an active volcano in East Java. With a height of 2,329 meters (7,641 feet) it is not the highest peak in the mountain range, but it is the most famous. The region is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Indonesia and the Java region. The upper part of the volcano has collapsed continuously due to volcanic emissions. It is surrounded by a sea of ​​sand from volcanic sand.



Located in North Sulawesi Island, Bunaken is one of the most famous diving spots in Indonesia. The island is part of Bunaken Marine Park where you can see more than 70% of the fish species that live in the Pacific and Western Oceans. The best time to dive in Bunaken is between April and November.

– Komodo National Park
Komodo National Park is a national park located in the Lesser Sunda Islands which includes the three largest of the Komodo Islands, the Komodo is a subspecies of the largest living reptile in the world that can reach 3 meters or more in length and weigh more than 70 kg.



Located 40 kilometers (25 miles) northwest of Yogyakarta in Java and Borobudur, it is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in the world. Borobudur was built over a period of 75 years from the 8th and 9th centuries, and used an estimated 2,000,000 kg of stone. The temple was abandoned in the 14th century and remained deserted for reasons that remain a mystery to this day. It was found under piles of volcanic ash in the last century, and today it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia.



– Bali island
Bali is one of the most important island destinations in the world, constantly winning prizes related to being the most important travel destination. It features diverse landscapes, stunning coastlines, tropical beaches, green rice farms and volcanic foothills, and provides a deep and unique spiritual background of Hindu culture.