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Tourism in Montenegro: The best tourist places in Montenegro 2022

Tourism in Montenegro: The best tourist places in Montenegro 2022

Tourism in Montenegro attracts millions of tourists from all over the world annually. This small country has quickly become one of the most famous and important tourist destinations in Europe in recent years. The reason for this is due to its abundant natural treasures and unique historical and cultural monuments.



Montenegro is one of the tourist destinations that provides you with an unforgettable tourist vacation, with its amazing seaside and picturesque mountains, charming nature, its historical cities, ancient Venetian villages, and UNESCO walled cities. This is in addition to golden bays, deep canyons, flowing rivers, glacial lakes, vast forests, rocky peaks and a mild Mediterranean climate, and other tourist attractions that attract tourists.

Tourism in Montenegro

Discover Montenegro tourism
Montenegro offers the best opportunities for exciting experiences and exciting adventures such as surfing, climbing ancient castles and mountains, and getting the most beautiful panoramic views of the most beautiful regions and scenic sites, where national parks, towering peaks and underground caves. Here is a comprehensive guide on tourism in Montenegro, the most important information and tips, and its best tourist cities…
Where to stay in Montenegro



From small hotels in Kotor to beach resorts on the Adriatic Sea, you can choose from these luxury accommodations for tourists … Read more about the best hotels in Montenegro.

Where is Montenegro located?
Where is Montenegro located?

Montenegro is located in the southeastern part of the European continent, between the Adriatic Sea and Serbia. Montenegro overlooks the Adriatic Sea from the southwest side, and is bordered by Bosnia and Herzegovina on the northwest side. On the southeastern side, it is bordered by the province of Kosovo, on the southern side by Albania, and on the east by Serbia.

The best time to travel to Montenegro
The best time for tourism in Montenegro is during the spring and autumn, when the country enjoys moderate temperatures that are ideal for doing many recreational and tourist activities. It is worth noting that:

Spring in Montenegro (March to May)
It is the perfect season for hiking within Montenegro, where the beaches are not crowded with tourists, and you can enjoy kayaking or snorkeling. You can also walk long distances, discover the villages of Montenegro or participate in wonderful festivals such as the Mimosa Festival and the Camellia Festival, and watch the water polo tournament, one of the most popular sports in the country.



Summer in Montenegro (June to August)
It is the peak tourist season in Montenegro, characterized by the high temperatures that make tourists resort to the tourist beaches of the Aditic Sea, hiking in national parks, hiking, wandering between mountains and lakes, and others.

Autumn in Montenegro (September to November)
Autumn is the best season to travel to Montenegro and explore its enchanting attractions. You can go to the Skadar Lake National Park, which is the largest lake in the Balkans. Watching different types of birds, flying around the stone-built villages and monastery islands, Durmitor National Park and the rocky peaks, and enjoying the most beautiful scenery.

Winter in Montenegro (from December to February)
Prices drop to their lowest level of the season, and temperatures drop as well. However, the winter season is an ideal time to explore Montenegro, especially for lovers of exciting winter sports. You can practice ice skating, and watch the celebration of Orthodox Christmas, and other important carnivals of that period.

The language in Montenegro
Montenegro is the official language of Montenegro. The Serbian language is the language spoken by the majority in Montenegro, in addition to several major minority languages, including: “Croatian, Bosnian, and Albanian.”



Tourist visa in Montenegro
Tourist visa in Montenegro

When planning a tourist vacation in Montenegro, you will need to obtain a Montenegro travel visa, which requires a set of rules and documents to obtain it. Here are the most important ones:

The Montenegro visa application form, filled in well and clearly.
A passport valid for at least six months.
Bank account or credit card statement.
Pay the tourist visa fee in Montenegro.
2 personal photos of the applicant with a white background.
Proof of hotel or accommodation reservation during your trip in Montenegro.
Round trip air ticket.
Proof of information and data about the salary, and a health insurance card.
Proving the reason for the visit by inviting a friend who has permanent residence in Montenegro.
The ideal period of tourism in Montenegro
The ideal period for tourism in Montaigne

It is about five days, which is considered enough time to explore this little gem and its prominent tourist attractions. The following is a suggested Montenegro tourism program that you can take:

First day visit near Tivat
The village of Tivat is known as the Monaco Asso, and is famous for its collection of luxury yachts. You can see the latest modern buildings along with the famous old and historical ones. In addition to relaxing on the beach and wandering among the many high-end shops and restaurants.

Second day visit Budva village
Take a short 30-minute drive to Budva, to discover the natural beauty of this wonderful, lively village, the night capital of Montenegro. You can see the sights and the old town, wander for hours in the narrow alleys and cobbled streets, wander among the local shops, and typical restaurants covered in vineyards.

The third day, visit the village of Kotor
On the third day, visit the small coastal village of Kotor at the end of the Bay of Kotor, see the huge mountains and clear blue water, go to the ancient city of Kotor, as well as visit the Kotor Castle. This is where climbing is one of the most popular tourist activities in Montenegro.

Fourth day visit to the city of Perast
Take a guided tour by bus or boat to the UNESCO-listed Perast city, rich in picturesque landscapes on the Bay of Kotor, and a waterside restaurant in Perast with the island of Our Lady of the Rocks. As well as a short climb to the top of the bell tower in Perast for amazing panoramic views.

Fifth day, visit the city of Zabljak
On the fifth day head to Zabljak, a wonderful summer and winter tourist destination in Montenegro. This is where you can practice many fun recreational activities such as canoeing, climbing, skiing and camping. You can also visit its glacial lakes. And then prepare to return to your homeland and leave Montenegro.




How much does tourism cost in Montenegro?
Find out the average prices and cost of tourist services and various recreational activities in Montenegro, to have an ideal vacation and plan well for your tourism budget:

The average cost of a trip to Montenegro for two people for one week is about 1126 euros.
The average price of a hotel in Montenegro for a couple is approximately 61 euros.
The cost of daily spending in Montenegro per person is about 80 euros.
The average cost of meals per day for a single traveler is approximately €29.
Average prices for local transportation per day per person are about 13 euros.
The cost of transportation between cities and towns in Montenegro with a rental car is 58 euros per day.
The average cost of leisure activities in Montenegro per person per day is about 13 euros.
The average expenditure on bottled water in Montenegro per day is approximately €5.22.


Transportation and transportation in Montenegro
Transportation and transportation in Montenegro

Montenegro has an outstanding range of high quality and efficient public transport. Which allows you to move inside it easily to explore its different cities and tourist attractions. The most important types of public transportation in Montenegro are:

Buses and coaches
Buses are the most common mode of transportation in Montenegro, connecting all major cities, and are comfortable, air-conditioned, reliable and rarely crowded. This is in addition to their reasonable and appropriate prices.

car rental
Renting a car in Montenegro is a fun way to explore the country freely without restrictions while tourism in Montenegro, enjoying the landscapes surrounding both sides of the road. Although it is a great way, it takes experience and a strong hearted to walk the breathtaking rugged and narrow terrain of Montenegro.

Montenegro has a limited network of trains, they are old and very cheap, and one of their drawbacks may be that they are not air-conditioned in the high summer heat.

There are no special bike paths on the main city roads, but there are wild mountain biking trails for you to enjoy exploring the wonderful mountainous nature.



the boat
In Montenegro, taxi boats are popular in the summer, to get to one of the islands or take a short trip along the coast, and are a great way to get around in Montenegro.

The official currency of Montenegro
The official currency of Montenegro

The official currency in Montenegro is the euro, denoted by the symbol (€). The euro is known in English as “EURO”, and it is divided into one hundred sections called cents.

Communication and the Internet in Montenegro
Montenegro has a rapidly growing telecommunications market in southern Europe, and fixed broadband services are available across a variety of technology platforms, including DSL, cable, leased line, fiber and wireless. Among the most famous and most important telecommunications and Internet companies in Montenegro:

Distance between the most popular cities in Montenegro
Definitely your tour program in Montenegro, it will make you move between its different tourist cities. Here are the distances between the most popular tourist cities in Montenegro:

Budva to Bar 30 km.
From Budva to Herceg Novi 43 km.
Budva to Plievlia 243 km.
Budva to Cetinje 32 km.
From Budva to Plievlia 243 km.
Budva to Podgorica 64 km.
Cetinje to Podgorica 36 km.
Rent a car in Montenegro
Montenegro has many car rental companies, which allow you to enjoy traveling within Montenegro, exploring its most important landmarks and seeing the most beautiful landscapes on both sides of the road. Here are the most important conditions for renting a car in Mo




Proof of at least two years of practical driving experience for the driver.
A valid national or international driving licence.
The minimum driver age is 22 years.
Foreign passport.
You are required by law to wear a seat belt and so are all passengers in the vehicle.
Driving in Montenegro requires that the headlights be turned on even during the day.
Children under 12 years of age and drunk passengers are not permitted in the front seat.
It is forbidden to use a mobile phone while driving.
Driving under the influence of alcohol can result in a prison sentence.
Adhere to the speed limit in Montenegro.
Driving on the right side of the road.
The best tourist cities in Montenegro
The tourist places in Montenegro are many and varied, here are 5 of the most beautiful and best tourist cities and the most attractive villages for tourists, we advise you to visit and include them in your tourism program…

Tourism in the village of Kotor
Tourism in Kotor

Kotor is one of the most important places to visit in Montenegro, as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kotor allows you to explore stunning Venetian-inspired architecture, such as the palace of wealthy sailors on the beaches, and visit the Maritime Museum of Montenegro, one of the most comprehensive museums on the Adriatic coast.

You can also see the ruins of the ancient city such as the castle of San Giovanni, dating back to the 9th century, and the maze of churches, cathedrals, Venetian palaces and columns, dating back to the Middle Ages, and take a walk and see the best views of the Bay of Kotor, Mount Farmak and the old town of Kotor.





Tourism in Budva village

Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Budva is the capital of tourism in Montenegro, an ideal place to relax, soak up the sun, and explore important historical archaeological sites. Budva is brimming with old churches and stunning stone buildings, wandering the winding cobblestone streets, restaurants, cafes and shops of the city and its notable attractions among which is the famous Maritime Museum.

This is in addition to relaxing on the pristine sandy beaches, attending music festivals, dancing and singing. As well as going to the yacht playground, visiting the city’s special island of Budva-Hayi and its beautiful theme parks.

Tourism in the village of Tivat
Tivat Village
The city of Tivat is one of the tourist destinations worth visiting in Montenegro. Located at the foot of Mount Farmak, the city is very popular and an important place for climbers and hikers.

You can make the best leisure trips in the exciting town of Tivat, where you can watch luxury yachts, as well as high-end residential complexes, and practice a range of exciting water sports on the beaches such as kayaking and sailing.

You can also explore the historical and sacred relics scattered throughout Tivat, go to the island of Sv and Nikola, and eat the most delicious food in the city’s high-end restaurants.


Tourism in Zabljak
The city of Zabiak is one of the most important tourist attractions in Montenegro, it is available all year round for summer and winter holidays, and it is located at the highest altitude in the Balkans, at an altitude of 1456 meters from the surface of the earth.

Zabiak is located in the heart of the huge Durmitor mountain, which provides you with amazing panoramic views of the city from the top, as well as exploring the many lakes surrounding the city, and the wonderful mountain peaks that provide you with the most amazing experiences and exciting adventures.

Tourism in Sitney
stevenyi black mountain
Set at the base of Mount Loseven, Cetinje is the honorary capital of Montenegro, as it is considered a treasure of Montenegro’s cultural and historical heritage.

You can take a walking tour in Cetinje, being the best way to explore the city’s attractions, such as museums such as the National Museum, the Blue Palace, the current home of the President, the Flash stone church, the Royal Theater and notable foreign embassies. In addition to the Cetiny monastery, the spiritual and political seat of the people of Montenegro.



Tips before traveling to Montenegro
When traveling and tourism in Montenegro for the first time, you will need to know information and tips, to help you prepare for your vacation. Here are some important tips:

English alone is not enough!
Learn a bit of Russian and German, which is used more often in Montenegro after Montenegro. The use of English is limited.

Be prepared for the high cost
Montenegro is one of the high-cost tourist destinations, and it rises more during the summer season, so plan well with your budget to have the perfect vacation.

Beware of wild camping
This is because it is illegal, but allowed outside of national parks and beaches.

Beware of crowded and public places
Although tourism in Montenegro is safe, be careful in public and crowded places that your personal belongings may be lost or stolen.

Don’t miss a boat ride on the largest lake in the Balkans
It is Lake Skadar, explore it by taking a boat trip to have a look at the swamps and wildlife there. It is one of the most wonderful tourism activities in Montenegro.