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Tourism in Bulgaria and the 7 most important tourist cities in the land of treasures

Tourism in Bulgaria and the 7 most important tourist cities in the land of treasures

Tourism in Bulgaria is one of the shining pearls of Southeast Europe, which offers its visitors the best tourist holidays. It is a tourist destination with a cultural richness dating back to antiquity, an enchanting array of landscapes, soft sand beaches of the Black Sea and clear turquoise waters. Those touristic elements made it one of the most beautiful destinations worth visiting and exploring on the European continent.



As well as enjoying a group of high mountains, lakes, beautiful waterfalls, and caves. In addition to historical Soviet monuments, buildings, castles and rocky peaks. In addition to the huge national parks, where endangered animals roam, churches, cathedrals, museums and many more. Here in this report everything you want to know about tourism in Bulgaria, the most important tips and its most beautiful tourist cities…

Tourism in Bulgaria

Discover tourism in Bulgaria
Before traveling for tourism in Bulgaria, you will need to know a lot of information about it, to be able to plan your holiday well. Here are the most important information you should know about Bulgaria before traveling:

Best places to stay in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is characterized by a group of the finest and most luxurious hotels and tourist resorts. This is where the most luxurious beach hotels in the Black Sea region. To learn about their prices, how to book and their proximity to tourist attractions, read more about the best hotels in Bulgaria.



Where is Bulgaria located?
Where is Bulgaria located?

The Republic of Bulgaria is located on the European continent, in the southeastern part of Europe on the border of the Black Sea between Turkey and Romania. Bulgaria is part of the Balkan Peninsula, and is bordered by many countries. It is bordered on the north by Romania, on the southeast by Turkey, on the south by Greece, on the east by the Black Sea, and on the west by Macedonia and Serbia.

The best time to travel to Bulgaria
The best time to travel to Bulgaria is from 23 April to 7 October. This is where the weather is mild, which allows you to practice all the different recreational and tourism activities and explore the country in the great outdoors. Here is a breakdown of the nature of the four seasons of the year in Bulgaria:

Winter season (from December to February):
It is the coldest season of the year in Bulgaria, where temperatures range between (8.9 _ 3) degrees Celsius. Despite this, it is the ideal time for tourism in Bulgaria, especially for lovers of fun winter activities.

You can go to many winter sports resorts, experience moraine glaciers, alpine meadows, snowboarding, sleigh rides and much more. It is one of the low-cost tourism seasons in Bulgaria, because there are no tourist crowds in that season.



Spring (from March to May):
It is the perfect time to visit Bulgaria, and it is a great time to take a walk, and take fun leisure tours. This is where the temperature ranges between (23_8) degrees Celsius. Spring is considered the second busiest season for tourism, as there are many tourist activities that you can do. Feel free to visit Bulgaria in the spring.

Summer season (from June to August):
It is the peak tourist season in Bulgaria, characterized by favorable weather with high temperatures and less rainfall. This allows the visitor to take daytime excursions, and practice many wonderful activities such as walking for long hours amidst the wide green spaces, climbing mountains, swimming in the wonderful beaches of the Black Sea, going to national parks and parks and many more. It is worth noting that the summer season is one of the high-cost seasons for tourism.

Autumn season (from September to November):
Autumn in Bulgaria is characterized by cold weather, high humidity and many winds, and temperatures range between (25.6_9.9) degrees Celsius. Tourism in Bulgaria in the fall is characterized by low cost. And the wonderful atmosphere of the autumn season, with its wonderful golden colors, and the possibility of doing many fun things.

Language in Bulgaria
Bulgarian is the official language of Bulgaria, and it is of the Slavic group of languages.



Tourist visa in Bulgaria
Tourist visa in Bulgaria

Obtaining a visa to travel to Bulgaria is essential, when deciding to travel to Bulgaria. In order for you to be allowed to obtain a Bulgarian visa, there are many necessary requirements and conditions, the most important of which are:

Apply for a tourist visa in Bulgaria.
A passport valid for at least three months after the end of your trip in Bulgaria.
Reservation of a hotel or accommodation in Bulgaria for the duration of your tourist trip there.
Evidence of your ability to spend during your vacation in Bulgaria.
A bank statement and a statement of account movement for the last six months, which must contain the equivalent of at least 500 euros.
The passport must be issued for a period of no less than ten years, and must have at least two blank pages.
A recent photo, conforming to the specifications, and a copy

of the passport.
Round trip flight ticket reservation.
Traveler medical insurance in the amount of 30,000 euros, in order to provide complete health care throughout your stay in Bulgaria.
Clarify the reason for visiting Bulgaria, and provide proof of the employer’s approval.
The ideal period for tourism in Bulgaria
The ideal duration of tourism in Bulgaria is from three to five days. This is a very suitable and sufficient period of time to explore and carry out various tourist activities. The following is a suggested program for tourism in Bulgaria for 5 days:

Day 1: Go to Sofia
Explore the main sights of the city, and enjoy a wonderful view of the nearby mountain of the same name.

Day 2: Go to the Black Sea Coast
To visit the beautiful city of Burgas, and from there to Varna and enjoy the wonderful tourist beaches.

Third day: Nesbar
The pearl of the Black Sea, the city is very beautiful and has a lot to explore like its unique architecture, and an endless number of churches. In addition to delicious seafood at reasonable prices. Stunning views of the Black Sea are also plentiful.

Day 4: Visit the Seven Rila Lakes
It is the most exciting day, by hiking in the Rila mountains, to see the seven wonderful Rila lakes, and it is a unique experience that you can not forget.



Day 5: Return to Sofia
On that day, you can visit what you did not see in the city from attractions, shop and buy souvenirs, and then prepare to leave the country and return to your homeland.

How much does tourism cost in Bulgaria?
For a perfect Bulgaria holiday, you must plan your budget well. Here are the average prices for tourist services and various activities in Bulgaria:

The average cost of a trip to Bulgaria for two people for one week is about 828 USD.
Hotel prices for a couple in Bulgaria are about 64 USD.
The average cost of a vacation in Bulgaria for a week is about 698 JPY per person
The average daily expenditure per person in Bulgaria is about 59 USD.
The cost of daily meals for one traveler in Bulgaria is about 14 USD.
The average daily expenditure on local transportation per capita is about 12 USD.
Leisure activities in Bulgaria cost about 15 JPY per person per day.
Tips and tips in Bulgaria average around 6.20 JPY per day.
The average daily cost of spending in Bulgaria on bottled water is approximately 1.82 JPY.



Transportation and transportation in Bulgaria
Transportation and transportation in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a relatively small country, so moving between cities is considered easy and smooth. Here are the most important means of transportation used in Bulgaria:

Air transport:
Bulgaria has 4 major airports within the country’s four largest cities. You can navigate by plane to reach the destination you want. Ticket prices vary and the cost of one trip can reach between (50 – 100) euros in one direction, but it is a convenient and fast way.

Traveling by train is one of the cheapest modes of transportation in Bulgaria, but it is very uncomfortable. This is because the trains in Bulgaria are very old, dilapidated, and very slow. This is in addition to the fact that there is no security or air conditioning, even in very hot summers.

Buses are the most used mode in Bulgaria than trains. That’s because there are bus stops in all big and small cities in Bulgaria. In theory you can get everywhere by bus, it is comfortable, modern and faster than a train.

the cars:
The car is the best means of transportation in Bulgaria, if you own a car or are going to rent it, it is the most convenient and fastest. And if you are traveling during the summer, do not miss to ask the driver if he has air conditioning in his car and this is very necessary, because the car park in Bulgaria is very old, and a large percentage of vehicles lack air conditioners.



Food and drinks in Bulgaria
Food and drinks in Bulgaria

Bulgarian cooking traditions are diverse, due to geographical factors and climatic conditions. Bulgarian food is a great testament to the beauty of Eastern European food. Here are the most delicious traditional Bulgarian dishes:

A very popular and delicious dish, it is a traditional Bulgarian pastry made of a mixture of scrambled eggs and pieces of cheese between filo pastries, then baked in the oven until cooked on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Mishana Skara
It is one of the most delicious Bulgarian dishes, which is a mixture of grilled meat in different and varied forms.

It is a cold, refreshing and delicious soup, especially in summer, made of fresh cucumbers, walnuts, garlic, Bulgarian yogurt, dill, herbs, vinegar or lemon.

Sarmi is a Bulgarian delicacy. It consists of cabbage or vine leaves stuffed with a delicious mixture of rice and spices.

It is an exotic Bulgarian food. It is a tripe soup seasoned with “goat intestines” with garlic, hot red pepper and vinegar. It has a very distinct flavor and aroma.

Kisilo Melico
One of the most popular Bulgarian dishes, it is one of the best types of yogurt available due to its two types of bacteria which are excellent probiotic bacteria that keep the gut bacteria healthy.

Ayran drink
One of the most famous Bulgarian refreshing drinks, it is a milk drink made from the wonderful Bulgarian yoghurt.

elderberry juice
It is a delicious homemade beverage, which has a full list of health benefits. It has a semi-sweet and semi-sour taste and is usually yellow in colour.

Eitar soft drink
Itar is a light brown drink with a faint sugary taste of fruit, and it is a delicious drink.

Coffee is also a prevalent beverage in Bulgaria.



The official currency of Bulgaria
The official currency of Bulgaria

The Bulgarian lev is the official currency of the Republic of Bulgaria. One fiber is divided into 100 statinki.

Communications and the Internet in Bulgaria
Bulgaria has a wide network of telecommunications, through which you can connect to the Internet and communicate with your friends and family members outside Bulgaria. This is where you can choose from different Internet service providers, each of which has very special offers and prices.

You can buy a prepaid sim card, to be able to make local and international phone calls and connect to Wi-Fi in major cities in Bulgaria or through an internet cafe or hotel. Among the most important and famous telecom companies in Bulgaria are:

Blizoo Corporation
Max Telecom
Bulsatcom Company
Cooolbox Company
Distance between the most popular cities in Bulgaria
To move between the tourist cities in Bulgaria, you need to know the distance between them, in order to have a fun and stress-free vacation. The following are the distances between the most famous major cities in Bulgaria:

Sofia to Plovdiv 131.91 km.
Varna to Bourgas 87.72 km.
Blagograd to Veliko Tarnovo 238.58 km.
Sofia to Varna 379 km 236 miles.
From Sofia to Burgas 341 km 212 miles.
Sofia to Stara Zagora 193 km 120 miles.
Kyustendale to Montana is 132.82 km.
Rent a car in Bulgaria
Car rental in Bulgaria is one of the wonderful activities, through which you can explore the country and its attractions on your own, completely freely without restrictions. In order to be able to rent a car in Bulgaria, there are a set of restrictions and necessary documents that must be followed, namely:




A valid and valid driver’s license, credit card and ID card.
You must be at least 21 years old and you should know that almost all car rental companies in Bulgaria charge more for drivers younger than 25.
If you need a family car for 7 people and more luggage space, it is best to keep in mind that it will cost you around 25 euros outside the tourist season and about 60 euros during the summer months.
The larger the rental car company, the more they will charge you.
Choose the most reliable company, by reading the opinions of previous customers on social media platforms.
Read the contract very carefully before renting a car from the company of your choice.
Drive back the rental car in time, and check if the tank is full to not give them a reason to charge you for any shortage.
The best tourist cities in Bulgaria
When planning your Bulgaria tour program, be sure to include the most important and most beautiful tourist destinations in Bulgaria within your program. Here are the top 8 tourist cities in Bulgaria that are worth visiting and exploring.



Tourism in Sofia
sofia bulgaria

Sofia is the Bulgarian capital, and it is one of the most important, largest and most visited tourist cities, due to its wonderful attractions. Sofia is located in a privileged position at the foot of the mighty Vitosha Mountain. Sofia is a major center of the arts in Europe and offers its visitors the possibility to engage in a wide variety of leisure activities.

One of the coolest activities to do in Sofia is to take a walk among the many antique historical monuments, one of the most prominent of which is the National Historical Museum. As well as climbing Mount Fitosh, obtaining the charming panoramic views filled with huge lakes, skiing on the mountain in the winter, touring the green parks in the city, walking in the cobblestone streets, and many other things.



Tourism in Plovdiv

Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe, dating back to the 6th century BC. It is the second largest city in Bulgaria. It is located between the great plain between the Rhodope Mountains in the south of the country and the Balkan Range. Therefore, it is one of the most important and best places for tourism in Bulgaria, which constantly attracts tourists, especially history lovers and antiquities lovers.

You can enjoy many tourist and leisure activities in Plovdiv. Among the highlights are wandering the cobblestone streets, exploring the stunning architecture of the churches, museums, and the magnificent ancient houses of that ancient city. Take a tour of the lush gardens and water fountains, and enjoy watching the amazing Rhodope mountain range and the Balkan Mountains.



Tourism in Varna

Varna is one of the most famous Bulgarian cities, and the third largest in the country. Varna boasts unique landscapes and monuments, is the Black Sea port and summer haven for locals and visitors alike. Varna is overflowing with attractions, from which you can do a lot of unique experiences and exciting adventures, the best of which is to relax on the beaches with soft golden sands and sparkling turquoise waters, and go to therapeutic spas and daring sports.

As well as seeing the oldest gold in the world, which is about 6 thousand years old, inside the Varna Archaeological Museum, exploring huge rock formations, and visiting amusement parks and vast green gardens. As well as going to the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin or the Baroque opera, the Roman Baths in Varna are also major sights.

All this in addition to hiking in the only desert in Bulgaria, and exploring a unique and surprising field of stone. As well as going to the most luxurious restaurants and cafes in the city, do not miss visiting them.



Tourism in Nesebar

The city of Nessebar is located in the province of Burgas, and is one of the oldest and most beautiful Bulgarian cities, as it

l on the Black Sea coast. It is considered one of the most important classic seaside resorts in Bulgaria, and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Nessebar offers tourists many fun activities, the most prominent of which is going to the wonderful tourist beaches, such as the huge sunny beach, which is preferred by many, and enjoying exciting water sports. As well as exploring archaeological sites such as the wonderful historical churches with unique architectural style (St. Stephen’s Church and Christ Pantokrator Church). You can also wander the cobblestone streets of the city, trying different restaurants and shops.



Tourism in the village of Sozopol
Sozopol village

Sozopol is a beautiful coastal town in Bulgaria, located on a bay, offering the best landscapes. It is also a major historical city in the country, dating back to the sixth century BC, and it is a very popular tourist destination, with thousands of visitors coming from all over the world.

Recreational activities within the village of Sozopol vary, among them relaxing in the many coastal resorts of the village, doing water sports on the beach such as playing beach ball, windsurfing, water skiing, boating and others.

You can also visit museums such as the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Art, and you can also explore Christian complexes, and amazing castles on the coast, and do not miss the nightlife and the quiet romantic atmosphere that the village is famous for.



Tourism in the village of Veliko Tarnovo
Veliko Tarnovo village

The village of Veliko Tarnovo is called the city of the tsars, as Bulgaria was the home of the Russian tsars. It is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Bulgaria, due to its scenic location over three hills. It also occupies a great place being the former capital of the Bulgarian Empire.

Veliko Tarnovo has a charming collection of historical and archaeological attractions, the most important of which is a huge fortress with stone walls stretching more than 3,000 feet, wander the cobbled streets to traditional houses, churches, magnificent monasteries, Tsarevets Castle, Stambolov Bridge, and admire the stunning views over the hills.

Tourism in Burgas

The city of Burgas is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian cities worth visiting, located at the westernmost point of the Black Sea, and named after the Burgas Bay, which is the largest port in the country.

Among the most prominent recreational activities that the city of Burgas offers you, relax in the vast gardens overlooking the sea, and visit the wonderful island of Saint Anastasia. In addition to swimming in the clear beaches, attending the festival of beautiful sand sculptures in the summer, going to the Archaeological Museum and Burgas Bridge and much more.



Tourism in Koprivshtitsa

Koprivshtitsa is one of the wonderful romantic towns in Bulgaria, with a laid-back vibe. Known for its colorful houses and beautiful traditional architecture, it is one of the unmissable tourist destinations in Bulgaria.

Koprivshtitsa is replete with a variety of historical monuments, architectural and artistic monuments that fascinate visitors. Among the most prominent of them is the “Oslikov” house, which was owned by a wealthy merchant who built it in 1856 AD, and it has a great visual appeal, and is known for some unique designs. You can wander the cobblestone streets of the city, watching the high mountains and vast green spaces.

Tips before traveling to Bulgaria
When deciding to travel for the first time to Bulgaria, you should know some of the most important tips and general guidelines, which can help you in your trip to make it the best tourist vacation free of problems, and the most important of these tips are the following:

Learn the basics of the Bulgarian language
It is necessary to learn some important Bulgarian phrases, through which you can communicate with the Bulgarian people, and integrate with them easily.

Make sure you always have cash with you
This is because many restaurants and places in Bulgaria do not accept credit card payments. This is in addition to the need to pay tips. So make sure you always carry enough cash, and don’t rely entirely on your credit cards.

Don’t try to remove bracelets from trees
In the spring, people exchange bracelets made of interwoven red and white threads, wear the bracelets on their wrist until they see a flowering tree, and then hang the bracelet on the tree, which is believed to bring health, happiness and fertility. Taking off those bracelets is against their traditions and may expose you to embarrassment.