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Tourism in Malaysia

Tourism in Malaysia

Tourist places in Malaysia




Tourism in Malaysia The twin towers is one of the most important landmarks in Malaysia

Information about tourism in Malaysia


In this guide, we will reveal the most characteristic of tourism in Malaysia and the most famous tourist cities and islands in Malaysia, which are characterized by charm and beauty. We will also review the most important landmarks in Malaysia that you should plan to visit.

A very distinguished tourist destination that enjoys a wonderful geographical location and a moderate climate most of the year. It is also characterized by the warmth of the feelings of the residents and their great generosity towards tourists.



Knowing the nature and composition of Malaysia is enough to make the tourist love it, as it is a unique and vibrant mixture of different races and religions, where people of Malay, Indian, Chinese and other ethnicities live in peace and harmony among themselves.

Not only have the advantages of this multiculturalism turned Malaysia into a paradise of delicious food and food that attracts tourists from all over the world, but it has also made it home to hundreds of vibrant festivals and carnivals.

Malaysia is geographically diverse, such as its cultural diversity, as it is divided into thirteen states and three federal regions, and the South China Sea divides it into two parts: the Malaysian Peninsula, which includes eleven states and two federal regions (Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya), and East Malaysia, which includes two states and one federal region (Labuan Island) ).


One of the most important tourist attractions in Malaysia is that it is a country full of contradictions, as skyscrapers sit below them very simple wooden houses, and five-star hotels are located a few steps away from the ancient coral reef areas, in addition to the presence of many cold-weather sanctuaries in the heights that descend whenever we go Down until you reach the warm sandy beaches and dense mangrove forests.

If you intend to enjoy a holiday full of amazing events, as well as learning about a group of the richest cultures and seeing natural wonders, then the perfect place for all of this is Malaysia.



Culture and history

The name Malaysia was adopted in 1963 when Singapore, North Borneo, Sarawak and the Malay Federation were united into a federation of 14 countries. But the name itself had been used ambiguously to refer to regions in Southeast Asia prior to that.

There are several theories about the origin of the word Malay or Malay. The most accepted interpretation says that the word is a combination of two words from the Tamil-Sanskrit language, Malay (hill) and Ur (city), meaning hilltop city. This name was adopted when Indian travelers and merchants began to define the geographic region in what is now Malaysia. This word is believed to have originated in the naming of the Malay Kingdom, a classical kingdom that emerged between the seventh and thirteenth centuries, in the area around present-day Dharma, Sumatra. It was founded by a community around the Patangari River and gold merchants from the remote Minangkabau region. The suffix was added – Sia from the Latin-Greek language, making the name Malaysia literally meaning the land of the Malay people.



The continental region of the country bore the name Malaya (without “- C”) until 1963, when it was annexed to the Union with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore in the northern part of Borneo. Singapore was expelled in 1965. The name change indicated that the country’s borders had changed beyond the Malay Peninsula. The Malaysian description refers to all Malaysians of all races, while Malay refers to the indigenous Malay people, who make up nearly half of the population.

Tourist areas in Malaysia
– Kuala Lumpur:
It is the most visited place by tourists, especially to see the twin towers and the lighthouse, which is the fourth tower of the highest tower in the world in addition to Arab Street and the Chinese market, and at its top there is a mobile restaurant, souvenir shops and a platform for artistic performances on the ground floor.

They also come to visit the National Zoo, which contains the strangest and rarest types of animals, the Birds and Butterflies Park, which contains the strangest types of birds in the whole world, and the magnificent Kuala Lumpur Grand Mosque with its internal and external construction.


Sultan Abdul Samad Building:
Its length is approximately 130 meters in width and is the finest architectural feature of Dataran Merdeka. This intricate building is built with an exotic mixture of Mongolian, Burberry, Arabic, and classic British architectural style. Initially this building was used as the center of the British colonial administration in Malaysia.

Merdeka Square
In Arabic it is called the liberation field against the British colonialists in Malaysia. In this square, the British flag was lowered and the Malaysian flag raised, evidence of Malaysia’s independence as a state.
A 100-meter-long flag is raised in it, which is the longest flag in the world.

You can also spend wonderful times and eat the best types of dinner in the most amazing restaurants in the world in the city of Dataran Merdeka, where there are underground restaurants in the Petra Plaza. You can also enjoy a game of golf in the largest golf center in Malaysia (Bar-T)

Penang Island:
This island is located on the western coast of Malaysia and overlooks the Indian Ocean, the city is famous for its distinctive and large markets, and it is also possible to enjoy a view of the large seaport that sustains all of Malaysia there.

It is also wonderful to go on a small boat trip to the island to the hill in the middle of the island and to look at the creativity of the Creator, where you and all the islanders can live in the middle hill of the sea and spend absolutely unforgettable days.

The private beach on the island is considered one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches. You can also book in high-end hotels on the island, where there are 4 and 5-star hotels and also there are the most luxurious and most important restaurants in Malaysia. In short, the island is a purely tourist area by all standards.

Langkawi Island:
It is one of the oldest inhabited islands in Malaysia, an area whose inhabitants depend on the cultivation of Malaysian rice.
You can spend

If you go to the island, you should not miss a trip to the following places: (to the bird park, the ecorea garden, the mangrove trip, and the bat cave).

Also, when you visit the island, you will pass through the Sky Suspension Bridge, as some consider it to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World.