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Tourism in Hong Kong

Tourism in Hong Kong

Tourist places in Hong Kong


Tourism in Hong Kong Tourist places in Hong Kong

Information about tourism in Hong Kong

Learn through this guide on the most beautiful places to visit in Hong Kong, the island that is a destination for shoppers and business tourism. It also has a wonderful mix of cultures and attractions worth seeing.

It is one of the two special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China (along with Macau).

The city of Hong Kong is located on the coast of South China, sandwiched between the South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta, and is distinguished by its many skyscrapers and its spacious harbor.




Tourist in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of the leading economic centers in the world, as it is characterized by a thriving capitalist economy based on low taxes and free trade, and the city’s currency – the Hong Kong dollar – is the eighth most traded currency in the world.



Culture and history
Tourism in Hong Kong
Cruise in Hong Kong

The discovered tools dating back to the Neolithic period show a difference between the culture of ancient Hong Kong people and the culture of Longshan in northern China, and they also show that a people called the Qi people inhabited the area for a while, before the Beiwi people migrated to it from neighboring regions in southern China. Eight prehistoric inscriptions have been discovered on the neighboring islands of Hong Kong, dating back to the era of the Chinese Shang kingdom.

Hong Kong began to transform rapidly into an industrial city in the 1950s, and the main driving force behind this transformation was the success of textile export and the development of a number of other industries. As the population increased and labor wages remained low, living conditions continued to rise.



The Shik Cup Me building was constructed in the city in 1953, to be the first social housing construction in the city’s history, and to mark the beginning of social housing programs designed to accommodate large numbers of immigrant refugees. Trade in Hong Kong accelerated more rapidly when the city of Shenzhen – located just north of Hong Kong – was transformed into a special economic zone of the People’s Republic of China, making Hong Kong the primary source of foreign investment in China. Nevertheless, Hong Kong’s importance and industrial leadership gradually decreased since the early 1980s with the development of industry in neighboring southern China. On the other hand, the service industry started to grow in the city since the eighties and nineties, after this industry absorbed the workforce that had ceased to contribute to the industry.



Tourist areas in Hong Kong
Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than any city in the world, and most of them are crowded on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island. As you paint a beautiful light painting at night.

Tourism in Hong Kong
Dai Dong Bai
Dai Bai Dong is a side street of food stalls. Noodles and rice are sold there, along with basic dishes and many other popular foods. The government has imposed taxes on Dai Bai Dong in recent years because it does not harmonize with efforts to make Hong Kong a clean city.

Buddha temple
It is very difficult to choose a temple in Hong Kong to visit because many of them are impressive for special reasons. The temple in Hong Kong has 9 floors and about 12,000 miniature Buddha statues.

Yes, technically it is not in Hong Kong, but about an hour away by ferry and visa free for most tourists.


Tourism in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Disneyland
Located on Lantau Island in the Disneyland Resort, it is full of inimitable touches of Chinese culture. You can feel the golden past and the glorious future that China looks forward to! Wu is primarily a place for children to meet their favorite cartoon characters.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Wong Tai Sen Temple
Wong Tai Sen Temple, similar to ancient Chinese palaces rich in Chinese culture, is the most famous temple in Hong Kong. Besides Wong Tai Sen Temple, the other two famous temples in the city are Mu Man Temple and Bo Lin Monastery.