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The best tourist cities in Poland

The best tourist cities in Poland




During their trip in Poland, tourists stand in front of many ancient cities, which puts them at a loss during the development of the tourist program. However, the top 10 choices of all fall into the following list:

Tourism in Warsaw
It is natural for tourists to have an enjoyable tour of Warsaw, as it is the capital of Poland and one of its most beautiful tourist cities. Although the old city was largely destroyed in World War II, restoration operations have restored it to its former glory. And it allowed its streets to contain a mixture of magnificent architectural styles. Especially Gothic churches, museums and modern edifices among the gray concrete buildings of the communist era.

Warsaw also includes many beautiful parks, restaurants, clubs and wonderful hotels. The most beautiful tourist attractions in the capital are the summit of the Palace of Culture and Science, which gives visitors a panoramic view of the entire city from the top.



Tourism in Krakow
Krakow’s Old Town is a great option to visit when visiting Poland. In the ancient royal capital, there are many historical sites worth exploring, such as ancient churches and ancient buildings that line the picturesque squares. As well as the Glowny Rynek area, which includes the largest market square in all of Europe.

Krakow’s tourist sites are not limited to the above, but the city holds in its arsenal many unique experiences for visitors. Especially when touring the ghetto, exploring the synagogues and Auschwitz or when visiting Wawel Castle. The city also includes entertainment options through countless restaurants and cafes spread throughout.



Tourism in Gdansk
The city of Gdansk has all the ingredients you need for any tourist trip, as the city has a lot of interesting activities. The talk begins with the city’s long history, as it was an important trading port in Poland since ancient times. Its lands also witnessed many battles and historical events such as the Teutonic Battle between Prussia and Poland. As well as the years of World War II.

The city’s present is also distinguished by its cobbled streets, old churches, elegant buildings and interesting museums along with shops, restaurants and cafes. The excursion is further charmed by the beautiful gardens of Gdask, or the boat cruises by boat from the port along the Baltic Sea coast.




Tourism in Wroclaw
Wroclaw is one of the most charming tourist destinations in Poland. The reason for this is due to the diversity of the cultural heritage of the city, which is evident through the architecture of its buildings, which reflect the influence of Austria, Bohemia and Prussia as well. This is evident to tourists when touring the stunning Rynek Market Square.

The brilliance of Wroclaw increases due to its picturesque nature. The city has a distinctive view of the Odra River. As well as a large number of bridges and beautiful gardens lining its banks and the magnificent Cathedral Island, which makes it a great place to relax. As for fans of the bustling atmosphere, they are on a date with fun and entertainment in the city’s restaurants and annual festivals.

Tourism in Poznan
Pozna is full of history and youthful energy. In other words, the city of Pozna takes tourists on an attractive journey towards the capital city of Wielkopolska and its old city. Here visitors will get to know a lot of wonderful historical sites, as well as some amazing museums.



While the large number of students in the city lends its youthful vibe. And that through many restaurants, cafes and nightclubs full of life. While the trade fairs hosted by Poznan attract more tourists of different nationalities.

Tourism in Torun
The beautiful city of Torun is located in the Vistula region. It is an ideal destination for tourists looking for relaxation away from the crowded Polish beaches. In the quiet streets of Torun there is plenty of charm that takes visitors on a journey to explore the old Gothic walled city and its splendid architecture.

Fortunately, Torun was not subjected to the great destruction of its monuments like other Polish cities due to the Second World War. This means that the city preserves its heritage to a large extent. However, the most remarkable thing that the city has ever preserved is the famous gingerbread cake that the city’s restaurants and cafes offer to visitors constantly.



Tourism in Lublin
Although Lublin’s heritage was severely destroyed during World War II. However, it is still an important option for visitors when visiting Poland, in order to explore the remains of the city’s civilization, such as the remains of communist buildings. As well as the ancient Jewish monuments that allowed the city to be called “Oxford of the Jews.”

Lublin also has many wonderful country houses, restaurants, cafes and clubs in its streets. As well as a lot of cultural attractions that are worth visiting. In short, Lublin, the largest city in southeastern Poland, is definitely worth a visit during the trip.



Tourism in Sopot
The luxurious city of Sopot attracts the rich and famous from around the world and is a popular seaside resort. The city boasts elegant villas, lavish restaurants and a buzzing nightlife.

In addition to luxury, hidden in the city are some ancient ruins that tell the lovers of exploration the story of a simple fishing village that has been turned into a famous seafront on the Baltic Sea. Especially during the summer nights, which witness the peak of the tourist season, to enjoy a distinctive scene of water activities.

Tourism in Katowice


in Katowice
The status of the tourist city of Katowice is due to its attractive location, which made it a transportation hub for fourteen cities in Poland. Despite the city’s relatively recent history, it is a prominent destination for tourism trips in Poland to learn the story of the industrial and commercial boom that the city witnessed in the nineteenth century.

Katowice proves its commercial position to tourists through its exciting shopping trips and through its distinctive restaurant and cafe options. As well as some interesting cultural sites. All of this makes Katowice a wonderful city to visit.


Tourism in Szczecin
The coastal city of Szczecin is in a privileged position between Berlin and Gdansk. The buildings here are characterized by an attractive mixture of different architectural styles, particularly the German style. While the old palaces adjacent to the modern buildings add more charm to the atmosphere of the city.

Szczecin also has many entertaining activities for tourists. It has plenty of modern glass shopping malls and delicious dining options, especially in the city centre. While the attractiveness of the trip increases with the youthful atmosphere in the city, specifically at the beautiful port.

Tips before traveling to Poland
Poland has a lot of advantages that rightly make it one of the best tourist destinations in the European continent at all. In Poland, the charm of nature, the nobility of historical monuments and the beauty of tourist cities combine in one melting pot. Despite the previous advantages, obtaining the best tourist programs requires good planning from visitors, by relying on the following tips and instructions:

Get taxi services from official offices
In Poland there are many official and licensed offices that provide private transport services. Therefore, if you want to order a taxi while visiting Poland, it is better to get a taxi from a licensed office rather than taking any taxi from the street. This will protect against exploitation and the payment of exorbitant amounts of money.

Be careful while eating meat
Polish restaurants use pork extensively in their recipes, so it is best to check the quality of the meat before eating it or ordering vegetarian food. It is also possible to go to Arab, Indian or oriental restaurants scattered throughout Poland to get a halal meal.

Don’t forget to visit the beautiful gardens
Cities in Poland are full of beautiful gardens that are worth visiting to enjoy the beauty of nature and colorful flowers as well as entertaining family activities.



No need to buy water bottles
The tap water in Poland is clean, so it is possible to save on purchasing water bottles during tourism in Poland and to drink from the tap without worrying about your health.

Buy souvenirs
It is normal for any tourist to buy some souvenirs to keep and remember the pleasant moments of his trip. A souvenir is often associated with the country’s heritage or nature, and for that matter, the most popular souvenirs in Poland are beautiful amber or elegant salt crystal lamps.

Take advantage of offers and discounts
Despite the lower costs of tourism in Poland in general compared to other European destinations. However, the advantages of attractions in Poland do not stop there. The country also offers its visitors tourism cards that give them discounts on transport tickets or museum entry cards, and provide them with easy access through airports and railway stations.

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