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The best tourist cities in Slovenia

The best tourist cities in Slovenia
Slovenia has many unique tourist cities. Here are the top 10 tourist cities in Slovenia that we advise you to visit, to ensure an enjoyable holiday:



Tourism in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the Slovenian capital and the largest city in Slovenia, and it occupies a very famous and big position, as it is the most important city in Slovenia in terms of tourism and culture. It is the preferred tourist destination for thousands of tourists and locals alike.

Ljubljana has many tourist attractions, which allow its visitors to practice many interesting recreational activities. Among the most important of them is exploring the archaeological and historical monuments that are widely spread in the city, in addition to enjoying wandering and hiking in the parks and green spaces that are filled with the city. This is in addition to attending artistic events, festivals and popular celebrations. As well as going to Kosicekci Lake, visiting the National Museum, the Opera House and the Natural History Museum. All this, in addition to cafes, shopping centers, hotels and high-end restaurants, is a fantastic city that you should not miss.



Tourism in Bled

Bled is located in the northwest of Slovenia, in the Julian Alps on the edge of a beautiful lake of the same name. It is the ideal destination for peace and relaxation amid the best landscapes in Europe. Therefore, it is one of the most important and famous tourist attractions in Slovenia.

Recreational activities vary in the fictional city of Bled, “the bride of Slovenia.” The tourist can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Lake Bled, which is surrounded by wide green spaces and high mountains, climbing for adventure lovers and enjoying the most wonderful views from the top. It is also home to a distinguished group of sweet-sounding songbirds, and waterfowl that swim in the lake’s water. You can also swim in the lake, rent a boat, take a cruise, and explore the fantastic lake attractions. You can also go fishing if you like fishing, in addition to visiting Bled Palace, which dates back to the tenth century. And don’t forget horseback riding, cycling, landscape walking, skydiving, and much more. It is an ideal tourist city that meets all the needs to have the most enjoyable times of entertainment.



Tourism in Boheng
Bohinj Slovenia

Bohinj is a wonderful tourist city, and one of the most important places to visit in Slovenia. Tourists come to it in large numbers constantly, in order to spend a pleasant tourist holiday full of joy and happiness.

Bohinj has a lot to offer its visitors, allowing you to fully relax in a lush green valley of dense forests, and enjoy the best scenic views of the Alps, in addition to going to the beautiful Bohinj Lake, which enjoys complete tranquility, and is the ideal place for hiking and relaxation, especially in the spring. Also, don’t forget to explore Savica Waterfall, you can also rent a kayak to practice exciting water sports, or catch delicious fish, and many more activities.



Tourism in Maribor

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia, and is the main center for viticulture in Slovenia, and one of the prominent tourist destinations that attract thousands of visitors from various sides.



There are many fun recreational activities that Maribor offers, including enjoying watching its vineyards, and it also has the oldest grape tree in the world, which is known as the “old vine”. As well as seeing many charming landscapes.

Tourism in Bovik “Bowich”
Bovik Slovenia

Bovec, located on the edge of Triglav Park, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Slovenia. It is one of the best cities for couples to spend their honeymoon vacation, due to the diversity of its charming romantic places.

In the city of Bovec, you can practice a distinguished range of enjoyable recreational activities, including enjoying watching exciting sports festivals, as the city’s residents are famous for sports. All kinds of sporting events are held throughout the year. As well as enjoying watching the landscape, the high mountains that you can see in every street, and many other wonderful activities. Therefore, we advise you to visit it and be sure that one day is not enough to explore this wonderful city.



Tourism in Kobarid

Located in the enchanting Soca Valley, the Slovenian town of Kobarid is an ancient city steeped in history, with many attractive landscapes. When you arrive in the city of Kobarid, you will be amazed at the natural beauty that you will not see before. The city also allows its visitors to enjoy wonderful water sports such as kayaking, or riding a rubber boat in the Soca River, and paragliding in a very exciting experience. As well as hiking, biking, cycling, horse riding in the mountain, and many other recreational activities. This is in addition to the great restaurants that Kobarid is famous for.



Tourism in Kranjska Gora
Kranska Gora

Kranjska Gora is located in northwestern Slovenia, and is one of the prominent and famous tourist destinations in the country, as it attracts many tourists who love exciting winter sports, it is a paradise for skiers all over the world.

Perhaps the most important and most popular recreational activity that Kranjska Gora offers you is snowboarding. It is an alpine resort, famous for being one of the best ski areas in Europe. Its most dramatic mountain is called Spik. This is in addition to visiting the beautiful Lake Jasna, the Russian Church located in the Vrcic Pass, which is an ideal place for climbers of the high surrounding mountains, and many other activities. They are really worth visiting and discovering, so be sure to include them in your plan.

Tourism in the village of Zenica “Dre .”

Zenica’s house

The village of Dar Zenica is a country resort near Kobarid, which is a very small village but has a lot of beautiful scenery all around. The village of Dar Zenica is characterized by its kind and welcoming residents, as well as allowing you to do many enjoyable recreational activities, such as viewing a variety of fantastic landscapes, as well as unparalleled tranquility. You can also visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, a charming piece of local architecture.



Tourism in Medana

Medana, located in Slovenia on the border with Italy, is famous for its peaceful countryside life, and is an ideal place to visit for lovers of tranquility. There are many diverse recreational activities that Maidan offers you, including attending many wonderful festivals, the most prominent of which is the Poetry Festival that takes place in August every year. This is due to the crazy fact that two of Slovenia’s most beloved poets, Alois Jradnik and Ludvik Zorzot, were born here, in the same house. The city is beautiful and well worth a visit.

Tourism in Piran

The city of Piran is located on the edge of the Adriatic coast, in southwestern Slovenia. It is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Slovenia, and despite its small area, it has many wonderful sights and beautiful landscapes.

Piran is famous for its stunning Venetian architecture, which a tourist can discover while wandering its winding cobblestone streets. And in the beautiful outdoor walking paths. You can enjoy swimming in the Adriatic Sea, and go to health and treatment spas. The city is also famous for some of the best restaurants in the world, so you can enjoy the most delicious food. And don’t miss visiting St. George’s Church on a hill, enjoying panoramic views of the city from above, and exploring ancient historical monuments such as the main square.



Tips before traveling to Slovenia
If you intend to travel to Slovenia for the first time, in order to spend an enjoyable tourist and recreational vacation. Especially if you are a fan of the outdoors and unspoiled and green nature, then Slovenia is the ideal place for you. You should follow the most important tips and instructions necessary before traveling, which will help you get the best vacation without problems or hassles, namely:

Don’t worry about the visa

Since it is a member of the European Union, and part of the Schengen area that allows free movement between countries. You can enter many countries easily, including Italy and Austria, and this means that there is no passport control between these borders.

Don’t worry about the cost

Slovenia is a mid-range country and is one of the most affordable tourist destinations in Europe. That’s since you are visiting Slovenia and other neighboring countries at the same time, and your money will not be wasted.

Don’t worry about the language

The people in Slovenia speak the Slovenian language, and if you do not know it, do not worry, the English language is widely found in Slovenia.

Zdravo means “hello”.
Hvala means ‘Thank you’.
Prosim means “please”.
Oprostite means “excuse me.”
Ja and No for “yes” and “no”.
Avoid traveling at peak times

This is because prices are very noticeable in peak seasons, especially in summer and spring. Because the country is crowded with very large numbers of tourists.