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The distance between the most popular cities in Denmark

The distance between the most popular cities in Denmark



From Copenhagen to Gentofte 9.1 km.
The distance between Copenhagen and Skagen is 1.1 km.
From Copenhagen to Aarhus 157 km.
The distance between Copenhagen and Dragor is 12.9 km.
Copenhagen is 7.5 km from Tarnby.

Rent a car in Denmark
Many visitors seek to rent a car when tourism in Denmark, in order to have a comfortable trip and a quick transfer. It is very easy as different car rental sites offer many offers for car rental in the Kingdom of Denmark.

Based on the above, all the tourist has to visit is one of them and choose the right car for your budget with an age of at least 21 years and a driver’s license as well. It is worth noting that the steering wheel in Denmark is on the right.

The best tourist cities in Denmark
Denmark is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations around the world, as the country has many charming beaches and picturesque harbors. But what do you think that we get to know the 10 most beautiful tourist cities for a fun and unforgettable vacation…


Tourism in Copenhagen
Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, is considered one of the most liveable cities in the world. The reason for this rating is immediately apparent when touring the green spaces, immaculate waterways and a wonderful harbor carefully equipped so that you can swim in it. The masterpieces of Copenhagen are not limited to natural beauty, but also include the presence of a wide range of cultural attractions. Especially exploring the art collections dating back to the history of the Vikings in the royal palaces. As well as masterpieces of Islamic art in the neoclassical palace in the city.



And the charm of Copenhagen is heightened by the wonderful Danish architecture, wherever the eye looks. Whatever the type of building, in any bar, cafe or shop. While the traditional cuisine lends a unique character to the atmosphere of the trip, with fifteen restaurants awarded Michelin star. In short, Copenhagen has everything that tourists can dream of in one city.

Tourism in Aarhus
Aarhus has the distinction of being the European Capital of Culture in 2017. How not, it is the second largest Danish city founded by the Vikings since antiquity. The city boasts a wealth of tourist attractions, particularly architectural wonders, and a thriving artistic and cultural scene with plenty of festivals and events held throughout the year.

Aarhus also offers visitors a wide range of shopping options, plenty of great restaurants and trendy bars and cafes.
The large number of students gives the city a vibrant atmosphere that is worth exploring.


Tourism in Odense
Odense has the distinction of being the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, the writer who illuminated the world with his literary creations. In honor of his memory, there are many museums, sculptures and attractions dedicated to his work in the city. In addition to the foregoing, many historical buildings dating back more than a thousand years ago.

Odense also has a lively atmosphere with plenty of beautiful art galleries and museums as well as a wonderful zoo and many entertaining bars and cafes. While the tourist attraction of the trip increases as a result of setting out with ease from Odense to explore the island of Funen, the third largest island in Denmark.

Tourism in Aalborg
Aalborg is located along the Limfjord canal in the province of Gotland. The city’s waterfront has received a lot of improvements that make it a great place for a stroll. In short, visitors to Aalborg can enjoy the beauty of nature and marine life to the fullest.

Aalborg is also famous for its ancient castle from the 16th century and a beautiful medieval old town as well as the archaeological site of Viking burials. While nightlife lovers will have a lot of fun in the city’s great cafes and restaurants.


Tourism in Fredericksburg
Tourism in Fredericksburg is an integral part of the Copenhagen tourism trip. As there is no clear boundary between Fredericksburg and the capital, it can be said that it is a city within a city. Visitors here will have an unforgettable journey in a rich and luxurious place filled with gardens and beautiful royal palaces.

Tourists will also be delighted with the beauty of the wide streets full of trees and beautiful gardens, the most famous of which is the Copenhagen Zoo. Other attractions include some great museums and plenty of fine restaurants and boutiques.



Tourism in Skagen
The busy port of Skagen is located where the Baltic Sea meets the beaches on both sides. This is precisely on the northern tip of Jutland. Due to the charming natural atmosphere, large numbers of locals and tourists also head here to enjoy the atmosphere of the summer vacation and visit the beautiful neighborhoods that are worth exploring.

Skagen also has a rich artistic heritage with many art galleries and museums displaying many paintings that highlight the charm of nature in the city. While the restaurants here are famous for their delicious seafood. In short, Skagen offers its visitors a lot of fun and entertainment.


Tourism in Roskilde
The Danish city of Roskilde is famous for its famous rock festival, which is one of the largest in the whole of Europe. However, the city has more than just great music for its visitors. It has a delightful museum of modern music as well as ski resorts and unique art and design workshops.

Roskilde also has a historic atmosphere, in the old town there are impressive cathedral spiers overlooking the city from above. While the old harbor contains the traditional boats