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Tourism in Lebanon Tourist places in Lebanon

Tourism in Lebanon
Tourist places in Lebanon

General information about Lebanon
Lebanon is in the middle of the countries of the Arab world and has borders with Jordan, Palestine and Syria, as well as the Mediterranean Sea to the west.
Lebanon is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the Arab world, and the most receiving country for Arab and foreign tourists in the region’, due to its centrality in the Middle East, its Western character, and the presence of two religious backgrounds in it, as well as to its various tourist attractions, as its green nature, mountains and plains Its beaches are the most beautiful, and they contain many historical monuments from different eras and nations, the most important of which are Roman, Lebanon is also characterized by the popular life among its alleys, and its atmosphere is very suitable for tourism.



The best tourist places in Lebanon:

Baalbek is an ancient Roman city. Today, it contains many Roman and Byzantine archaeological sites that demonstrate the splendor of Roman architecture in the imperial period. The Temple of Jupiter is one of the main tourist places in Baalbek; Where the Romans traveled for several miles to worship in it and make offerings to their gods, and in the remaining parts of the city, very huge stones were found. There are also in Baalbek the Temple of Bacchus and the Temple of Venus, and festivals are held annually in Baalbek in the summer.

One of the most beautiful towns in which the tourist can feel the splendor of Lebanon and the beauty of its nature. The town of Kobayat enjoys wide and beautiful green spaces. It is an old town located in the northern part of Lebanon, and is characterized by moderate weather even in the hot summer days. Tourists visit the town of Kobayat for the purpose of religious tourism in particular, It contains many churches and monasteries, and the most prominent activities that visitors do to the town of Qobayat is to visit the longest mountain path in the country, which connects several places along the north and south, in addition to that the Kobayat summer music festival is held there.




Temple of Jupiter
Standing tall as a witness to Roman civilization in Lebanon, the huge Temple of Jupiter dedicated to the cult of Zeus, located in Hecupolis or Baalbek. The main building of the “Great Court” was the Roman pagan temple that is still partially standing. It took three centuries to create this giant Roman pagan temple, so it is considered one of the most important Roman monuments in the region and in the world. It was the largest pagan temple dedicated to Jupiter in all of the Roman Empire. The columns were 30 meters long and about 2.5 meters in diameter: the largest in the classical world.


Beirut National Museum
This is the main cultural institution in Beirut. It displays an impressive collection of ancient artifacts that form an overview of the history of Lebanon and the civilizations that have influenced and passed through this cultural crossroads. Among its most prominent features are the heavily photographed Phoenician bronze and gilded statues that were found buried near the Temple of Obelisk in Byblos, as well as a series of Phoenician coffins with human faces, the Roman tomb, as well as an enormous collection of coins and tools used at that time.