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Tourism in Guangzhou: The most famous tourist areas in Guangzhou, China

Tourism in Guangzhou: The most famous tourist areas in Guangzhou, China


Guangzhou is a beautiful coastal city, located in southern China on the Pearl River. This distinguished geographical location has made tourism in Guangzhou, China, one of the most attractive tourist areas for tourists from all over the world throughout the year.


Quanzhou abounds with a wide range of important cultural, touristic and historical monuments, combining ancient and modern. It also enjoys many beautiful natural parks and recreation gardens. It is the perfect place to spend an enjoyable tourist vacation with family members or friends.



The best places to visit in Guangzhou

Half Moon Bay Beach, located on Chuangwu Bay in Quanzhou, is a beautiful and picturesque beach. It was called by this name, in relation to its shape, which resembles a half crescent moon. National Geographic has recognized it as one of the best beaches in China.

Visitors to this beach enjoy many recreational activities on its soft golden sand, whether to relax and sunbathe, or swim in its pure turquoise waters, and many interesting beach and water games.



Paradise Chime Long Park
chimelong paradise park

Paradise Chime Long in Guangzhou is very popular as it is one of the city’s main tourist attractions. It is the largest amusement park in China, and includes many exciting games such as the Rolls Coaster, which are suitable for all ages.

It is the main family park in Guangzhou, China. It also includes a wonderful water park, with a range of fun water games, and games that are safe for children. Many activities and competitions are held in the park, such as climbing and cutting wood, sawing wood, ax throwing and many other recreational activities.



guangzhou zoo
Guangzhou Zoo

Quanzhou Zoo is one of the most important and prominent tourist attractions in China’s Quanzhou. It is a wonderful park that includes a very large and distinctive collection of different animals, such as giraffes, elephants, deer, and pandas, as well as exotic birds.



The park also includes the Ocean World, which is a large aquarium, which includes many marine creatures, to enjoy watching the wonderful dolphins shows. It also includes an interesting city for children to spend the best times.



Yuntai garden
Yuntai Garden

Yuntai Park is located in the north of Guangzhou, at the entrance to Baiyun Mountain. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in the city of Quanzhou, and it is called the “Pearl of Quanzhou City”. Yuntai Garden is the largest of its kind in China, with an area of ​​about 120,000 square meters.

This park includes a distinctive group of exotic rocks, sculptures, and magnificent waterfalls. And more than two hundred species of rare and exotic flowers, from around the world, which are beautifully orchestrated. All this plus the scenic trails.



liuhua park
Liuhuahu Park

Liuhua Park in Guangzhou is a prominent theme park, and it is an important attraction for local visitors and tourists alike. It includes many charming landscapes, and has many fun recreational activities, suitable for all ages.



It also has paths for pedestrians and cycling, and these paths overlook beautiful pools of water. The garden also has wooden benches, giant trees and various plants. It is a great place to take the most beautiful souvenir photos.



Shamian Island
Shamian Island

Shamian Island in Quanzhou is a sandy island, and it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Quanzhou. Shamian Island is characterized by an elegant European-style architectural style, which dates back to the colonial era.



This island includes many perennial trees, more than a hundred years old. It is considered an important summer resort for lovers of summer tourism. The classic buildings of the island are painted at sunset, with golden-reddish sun rays to make it a wonderful romantic painting.



Pearl River
Pearl River

The Pearl River flows in downtown Quanzhou, and this river appears in the daytime to be an ordinary river, while the Pearl River at sunset turns into an important tourist attraction, frequented by many visitors and tourists alike to enjoy its wonderful view.

You can take enjoyable tourist river cruises in the Pearl River, and through these trips you will enjoy seeing the most beautiful views of the landmarks of the Chinese city of Guangzhou.



Canton Tower
Canton Tower

The Canton Tower was opened in Guangzhou in 2010. It is one of the famous and most popular tourist attractions in the city. The Canton Tower is the highest peak and the tallest tower in China.

The tower includes many entertainment elements, high-end markets, restaurants, and observation platforms for accurate images. The tower also offers a charming panoramic view of the city of Guangzhou from the top.



Huaisheng Mosque
Huaisheng Mosque

The Huaisheng Mosque was built in the Chinese city of Guangzhou in 627 AD. This mosque is considered a prominent tourist destination in the city, and has a great historical place for visitors from different parts of the world. Huaisheng Mosque is called “Al-Waqqas Mosque”, and the mosque is famous for its high-rise white minaret. Do not miss it during your holiday in Guangzhou.



Baiyun Mountain
Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain in Quanzhou is a beautiful natural area, and one of the most famous tourist areas in Quanzhou. Mount Baiyun includes about 30 mountain peaks of varying heights. It is one of the ideal destinations to relax and get away