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Tourism in Iraq and 5 of its best tourist cities, we advise you to visit

Tourism in Iraq and 5 of its best tourist cities, we advise you to visit


Tourism in Iraq is one of the most difficult tourist experiences, because it is one of the unsafe tourist destinations. This is due to the internal and external wars and conflicts it witnessed. In spite of this, it is rich in various tourist components, such as ancient historical monuments and diverse cultures, in addition to the beauty of its unique nature with its authentic Arab heritage.

Iraq also provides tourists with unique experiences, and the opportunity to do a range of the most enjoyable tourist activities, including exploring the ancient Iraqi civilization, where the Ottoman monuments and its famous ancient mosques. In addition to the meandering waterways of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, stunning canyons and fertile plains, as well as many other tourist attractions.




Tourism in Iraq

Discover tourism in Iraq
In addition to all of the above, Iraq is distinguished by its friendly and hospitable people. Here is a comprehensive guide on tourism in Iraq, the most important information about it, the best tourist cities in Iraq that we advise you to visit, in addition to a set of the most important pre-travel tips.

The best places to stay in Iraq
There are multiple options for accommodation in Iraq during your tourist vacation. This is where hotels, villas, apartments, holiday homes and many other options, whether the five-star category for owners of open budgets, or lower categories for owners of limited budgets… Read more about the best hotels in Iraq.


Where is Iraq located?
Where is Iraq located

The Republic of Iraq is located in western Asia, in the middle east of the world map, on the coast of the Persian Gulf. It is bordered on the south by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, on the north by the State of Kuwait, on the west by Syria and Jordan, and on the east it is bordered by Iran.

The best time to travel to Iraq
The best time to travel to Iraq is during the warm dry season, in the months of spring and autumn, which are the months when the number of tourists increases very dramatically. Here are the following:

Spring in Iraq from the month “March to April”
It is the perfect time to explore Iraq and enjoy its wonderful tourist attractions. Spring is the peak season for tourism in Iraq, where tourists enjoy exploring diverse wildlife, watching amazing landscapes, and doing a lot of tourist and recreational activities.

Summer in Iraq from the month of “June to August”
Summer in Iraq is characterized by high temperatures, with less rain. Therefore, it is one of the preferred times for tourism in Iraq, and to do all tourist activities in the open air. Summer is the second busiest season for tourists in Baghdad.

Autumn in Iraq from the month “September to November”
Autumn is also the perfect period for lovers of tranquility. This is because this season is characterized by calm and a wonderful dreamy atmosphere to roam the country, enjoying snowfall and interesting recreational games, and it is also one of the least expensive seasons for tourism.

Winter in Iraq from the month “December to February”
Winter in Iraq has a special character, as it is a wonderful time for tourism, especially for lovers of very cold winter weather, and enjoy the icy atmosphere, as it is characterized by a decrease in the number of tourists and low prices for hotels and accommodation, and the enjoyment of exploring the landmarks in calm.

The language in Iraq
Arabic and Kurdish are the official languages ​​of Iraq. There are also many minority languages ​​in Iraq, the most important of which are: “Turkish, Aramaic, Persian, Akkadian, Syriac, Armenian.”



Tourist visa in Iraq
Tourist visa in Iraq

To obtain a tourist visa in Iraq, it is necessary to follow a set of rules and conditions and to submit some necessary papers for this, here are the most important ones:

Fill out the Iraq visa application electronically.
Pay the Iraqi visa fee of about $75.
A passport valid for at least six months.
Observe health and safety standards, and submit a PCR examination three days before departure.
Two recent and colored photos with a white background, along with the civil status card.
Submit a medical report confirming the absence of any contagious disease.
The ideal period for tourism in Iraq
The ideal duration of tourism in Iraq is about four days, which is enough to visit its most important tourist destination and explore its most important major attractions. The following is a suggested tourism program in Iraq that you can modify according to your desire:

First day in Baghdad
First, head to Baghdad, and explore the most beautiful tourist attractions in it, such as: Al-Taher Square, the Martyrs’ Monument, the Baghdad Gates, the golden domes of the Khadimiya Mosque, the Abbasid Palace, the Al-Baghdadi Museum, the Iraq Museum and Al-Firdaws Square.

Second day in Babylon
On the second day, you can head to the most famous historical place in Iraq, and enjoy watching many exciting tourist attractions such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Saddam’s Babylonian Palace, the ancient city of Babylon, Ishtar Blue Gate, and the Lion Statue.

Third day in Najaf
Najaf is one of the holiest cities for Shiite Muslims. Head to the Imam Ali Mosque, and see its gold-plated dome and many other valuables surrounding it.

Fourth day: A visit to the Mesopotamian rivers in the Chabayish area
Known as the Iraqi Marshes,


Fill the places of tourism in Iraq. And that’s where you can enjoy riding Al Mashof boats for fishing and sea cruising, and watching the marsh houses. Then go to the markets, buy souvenirs, and get ready to go home.



How much does tourism cost in Iraq?
You can plan well your tourism budget before traveling to Iraq. This is done by determining the average prices of services and various activities in Iraq. Get to know them below:

The average flight costs to the airport range from (321 to 597) US dollars per person for economy flights.
The average cost of first class flights to Iraq ranges between (1,007 to 1,873) US dollars per person.
​​The price of a one-week trip to Baghdad is 1,040 USD for a single traveler, and 1,868 USD for a couple.
The average cost of a 10-day Iraq tour per person is approximately $3,500 USD.
The average hotel prices in Iraq range between (82 to 200) US dollars per night for one traveler.
Most of the rents for accommodation in Iraq range from (20 to 640) US dollars per night for the whole house.
The average price of a meal in a restaurant in Iraq per person is approximately $50.
The average daily expenditure per capita in Iraq is about 40 US dollars.
Transportation and public transportation in Iraq range between (2000 and 3000) Iraqi dinars per day for the traveler.
The average price for using the Internet in cafes in Iraq is 1200 dinars per hour.
The average costs of recreational activities in Iraq range between (30 to 80) US dollars per day per person.
Transportation and transportation in Iraq
Transportation in Iraq

You can move inside Iraq using many public transportation methods, the most important of which are the following:

There are many domestic flights in Iraq, through which you can travel between the most famous major tourist cities in the country.

Iraq has many public buses and cars, but some roads are unpaved and some cars do not use lights at night, as buses are not the best way to travel within Iraq.

Iraq has many different railways, which provide you with a way to move within Iraqi cities, but they are not organized and uncomfortable, and their prices are very cheap.

Taxi is the most common way in Iraq to get around the cities, as it is the most convenient and fastest way.

The official currency in Iraq
The official currency in Iraq

The new Iraqi dinar is the official currency in Iraq.



Communications and the Internet in Iraq
Communication companies in Iraq have met with a remarkable development and a great spread, as they have multiplied and offered telecommunications and Internet offers throughout the country. The internet speed in Iraq is acceptable, and the prices are low. Internet is also available at airports, stations, restaurants, as well as some high-end areas. Among the most important communication companies in Iraq are the following:

our contact.
Iraqi Telecom and Post.
Asia torrent.
Cork Telecom.
The distance between the most famous cities in Iraq
You can explore the cities of tourism in Iraq, and spend the best leisure holidays without problems. This requires you to know the distances between Iraqi cities. The following are the distances between the most famous major cities in Iraq:

Amara to Basra 158 km / 98 miles.
Basra to Hilla 386 km / 240 miles.
Hilla to Kut 131 km / 81 miles.
Kut to Muthanna 293 km / 182 miles.
Al Muthanna to Qadisiyah 237 km / 147 miles.
Qadisiyah to Najaf 77 km / 48 miles.
Babylon to Baghdad 98 km / 61 miles.
Baghdad to Baqubah 50 km / 31 miles.
Baqubah to Dohuk 401 km / 249 miles.
Dohuk to Dhi Qar 733 km / 455 miles.
Dhi Qar to Duhok 712 km / 442 miles.
Duhok to Diyala 396 km / 246 miles.
Diyala to Erbil is 288 km/179 miles.
Erbil to Karbala 398 km / 247 miles.
Karbala to Kirkuk 319 km / 198 miles.
Rent a car in Iraq
Renting a car in Iraq is the best way to explore the country, and its most important highlights, with the freedom to go to the destination you want whenever you want. Here are the most important tips, guidelines, and basic rules that you must abide by to be allowed to rent a car in Iraq:




Have a valid driver’s license, ID card and credit card of the driver.
Make sure to check your car before picking it up.
Read the contract carefully before signing.
Respect pick-up and return times.
I refuse expensive add-ons.
Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not allowed in Iraq so as not to face legal penalties.
Beware reckless driving in Iraq to avoid problems.
Choose a reliable car rental company in Iraq, based on customer reviews and past experiences.
The best tourism cities in Iraq
If you decide to travel tourism in Iraq soon. There are some Iraqi cities that we advise you to visit during your vacation. Here are the 5 most important tourist cities in Iraq:

Tourism in Baghdad
Tourism in Baghdad

Located along the Tigris River, Baghdad is the Iraqi capital and its largest and best city. The city of Baghdad occupies a great position and fame, as it is one of the most famous tourist cities in Iraq among tourists.

In the city of Baghdad, you can enjoy doing many interesting things, including visiting many important archaeological sites such as the Freedom Monument, Al-Khilani Mosque, Abbasid Palace, Al-Baghdadi Museum, Jerusalem Gate, Green Zone, Paradise Square, Al-Zawraa Park and many more.

Tourism in Basra

Basra is one of the most beautiful cities in Iraq. It is also the main port of Iraq, as it is located on the Shatt al-Arab River. Basra is considered the economic capital of the country, as it belongs to the Basra Governorate, which is the richest oil region in Iraq.

The city of Basra provides a

To enjoy the best recreational holidays, as it includes a distinguished group of tourist attractions, most notably the ancient historic Basra Mosque “Imam Ali Mosque”, which dates back to the seventh century. In addition to visiting the old city “Shanashil”, which contains delightful old houses with intricate woodwork and stained glass.

You can also visit the Basra Museum, which houses hundreds of precious artifacts from Mesopotamia, Babylonia and Persians, which protect and promote Iraq’s cultural heritage.

Tourism in Hilla
Hilla, Iraq

The city of Hilla is located next to the ancient city of Babylon, and it is one of the main tourist places in Iraq. It is famous for being a city rich in natural resources and archaeological sites.

The Iraqi city of Hilla offers you an opportunity to enjoy many unique experiences that crown your vacation, the most important of which is wandering along the length of the Hilla River, breathing in the fresh air and meditating in the surrounding landscapes. In addition to visiting many important archaeological sites in the city, and eating delicious Iraqi dishes.



Tips before traveling to Iraq
Before starting your tourist trip in Iraq, you should familiarize yourself with some of the necessary tips and instructions, which can help you to have a perfect tourist vacation, the most important of which are:

Be aware that traveling to Iraq is not safe
Iraq is a no-go zone for travelers, because there are military wars, car thefts, mines across the tracks and a lot of material scams and kidnappings for money. Although it is an authentic Arab destination with a variety of tourist attractions worth exploring, be careful.

Don’t eat with the left hand
Since Iraq is an Islamic country, it is forbidden to eat with the left hand, so pay attention to this.

American tourists should not travel to Iraq

Americans in Iraq are at risk of violence and kidnapping by many terrorist threat groups.

Enjoy exploring the world’s oldest civilizations
Iraq is blessed with the inclusion of many important historical archaeological sites, and it was one of the oldest ancient civilizations in the world. You can also learn about the oldest writing system in the world.

Don’t miss an adventure in the dunes
Iraq is known as a region rich in stunning sand dunes, ideal for tours, safaris and camping. Do not miss its experience during the tourism holiday in Iraq.