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Tourism in Split Croatia is very popular and widely known. This is

Tourism in Split Croatia is very popular and widely known. This is



due to its beautiful nature and beautiful beaches. Split is also famous for being the home of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Diocletian’s Palace, one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments. This made Split one of the most popular tourist areas in Croatia, which attract thousands of tourists annually.



Explore through this article travel and tourism in Split Croatia, and learn about the most important activities and tourist places as well as the best hotels that you can stay in during your vacation…

The best hotels in Split, Croatia

In Split Croatia, there is a distinguished group of hotels, which provide you with a distinctive and ideal stay during your tourist vacation. Split hotels are modern, beautifully decorated and ideally located close to the most famous landmarks of the city… Read more about the best hotels in Split Croatia.

The best time to travel to Split, Croatia
The best time for travel and tourism in Split Croatia is during the months of “September and October”. And that’s where the warm climate, and the opportunity to relax on its beaches. Also, that period is less tourist crowds, which allows you to enjoy exploring the island freely.

Where is Split located?


Split is located on the wonderful Dalmatian coast of Croatia, and the Mediterranean coast extends from it on the southern, northern and western sides. Split is 407.5 km away from Zagreb.



Language in Split Croatia
Croatian is the official language of Split Croatia.