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Bahrain beaches: a guide to the best beaches in Bahrain

Bahrain beaches: a guide to the best beaches in Bahrain

Bahrain is a wonderful country that has many advantages that motivate you to visit it, and among those advantages are the wonderful beaches that it enjoys, which no tourist should miss during his tourism trip in Bahrain.


Bahrain is considered a primary destination for family tourism, and its family beaches are an attractive factor for family tourism, especially from other Gulf countries.

Whether you prefer to choose a luxurious beach in a luxury hotel or you would like to take a picnic with your family at a public beach, Bahrain’s diverse beaches provide you with all the options.

Separate the beaches of Bahrain
In this article, we will provide a detailed explanation of the most important beaches in Bahrain.



Karbabad Beach

If you love walking on the Corniche, it has a special charm from seeing the sun set beautifully and disappear.

The place there is very romantic and has wonderful sessions for families. Along the beach promenade, you see whole families of children, young people and the elderly playing and having fun, along Karbabad Beach.

Marassi Al Bahrain Beach
Marassi Al Bahrain is located in the Muharraq Governorate. It is a wonderful beach and is very preferred by children, so it is one of their first requests for tourism in Bahrain.



The beach enjoys light waves that come quietly. Along the beach of Marassi Al Bahrain, you see real paintings of children building castles in the sand with their grandparents, and others of a group of young people playing tennis on the sea, and along the small beach that does not exceed a kilometer in length, but it is one of the most beautiful beaches Bahrain has the advantage, you find a place for children to play in a water park for the children’s enjoyment.

sea ​​waves beach

It is a very clean beach for those who want to sit in front of the Corniche, and most of the visitors to this beach are those who live in front of it in the surrounding hotels, and at the end of the day prefer to roam and have fun in front of the sea, in front of it they can play with a bicycle. or play ball. It is a beautiful place to enjoy children and adults, and the best beaches in Bahrain for families.




Bring your water jet skis! This beach is not exactly a public beach but it is preferred by the residents on weekend days. You will also get to see the jet-ski riders, who are a lot on this beach.

Busaiteen Beach, Bahrain

One of the best beaches in Bahrain for families is Busaiteen Beach; Because all the family pleasures are found in this beach, you and your children can swim, and the most beautiful thing is to try the relaxing experience, on the golden sands of this beach.

This beach is located in Muharraq, and it is a wide beach, where there are areas for swimming and fishing. Busaiteen Beach is also known to offer great views, especially at sunset.



Hawar Islands

On the beach of Hawar Island, you find calmness and the spirit of the place talking, so you do not hear anything but the sea running on you with its light waves. The place there is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bahrain, which is preferred by newlyweds. It is a place that many choose to spend their honeymoon, and the island has wonderful tourist villages on the island. A high level of service, in the place although it is far from urbanization, quiet and beautiful and also provided with a great level of service for your stay.



Algeria plage

One of Bahrain’s fully public beaches. It is located at the end of Bahrain Bay Street. This sandy beach extends more than a kilometer and has shaded areas and sources for children to occupy.
Bahrain Amwaj Islands

They are artificial islands that have been set up in the sea with a group of hotels, cafes and sea restaurants that offer fresh seafood with tastes from around the world. You can enjoy your day only on those islands without going back to the beach. Everything you find there in the small islands has a shopping mall with everything you need .



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Arad Castle Beach

Although you can swim here, this beach is more suitable for a picnic and watch the sunset or sunrise (if you are an early riser!) and thanks to the paved area on this beach, you can walk or take the kids to play.

You can spend a wonderful time watching sunset or sunrise in a breathtaking view there, and the castle, which is one of the oldest archaeological sites in the region, provides a stunning backdrop for the scenery.

This beach is one of the best places for family evenings in Bahrain. Visitors prefer this beach to spend the mild summer nights.



Coral Bay

You can enjoy the beach, swimming pool and health club at this wonderful hotel in Bahrain. Whatever you choose, you will have a wonderful relaxing experience.

For example, you can spend the day in the hotel and enjoy the golden beaches amidst all this luxury, you do not need to spend the night as the hotel provides the opportunity to book the day only if you wish. The hotel also offers a beach party on the weekends.

If you prefer a quiet atmosphere, you can take your family with you any day of the week, the beach and the pool are open seven days a week from nine in the morning until seven in the evening.




Jaradah Island

Jaradah Island or Qit’at Jaradah is one of the best beaches in Bahrain, and it is also a unique tourist attraction. This is due to the fact that the island is the only one of its kind in the Kingdom.

This charming island appears with the islands and disappears under the tide, and it is one of the best places to go swimming in Bahrain, as the waters around the island are often calm, this small island has golden sands and clear turquoise waters.

You can find regular trips from Coral Bay to Jerada Island, or you can arrange a private trip with Jerada Tours.



Bahrain Marina Corniche

Our talk about the most beautiful beaches in Bahrain for families, which is supposed to be on top of the Marina Beach, this Corniche that surrounds the most beautiful gardens, it is the most beautiful place you can enjoy

In the morning, wander in the gardens and recline under the shade of the trees here and enjoy seeing the flowers, besides that you will enjoy fishing, diving, family games and tourism competitions.

The Marina Beach is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and cafes, and around it you will find places for sale and purchase. Discover Bahrain through the Marina Corniche in Bahrain, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Arab Gulf states.




In fact, all the beaches of Bahrain for families are more beautiful than some preferences. It is very difficult, in that you choose a specific beach, but I suggest you that Bahrain is a small country, so try to visit a different beach every day.

Hadd Beach

This is another beach that attracts people to take picnics, as the small area near Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Park attracts visitors to eat and have fun and also because of the stunning views of Juffair and Manama.

The Ritz-Carlton Royal Beach Club

One of the best five-star luxury hotels in the Kingdom of Bahrain, one of Bahrain’s best beaches is located at the Ritz-Carlton Royal Beach Club, Bahrain. The luxury hotel is located on a private island and offers a membership to the beach club. This membership allows you to enjoy the hotel’s services all year round, and this includes access to the hotel’s premium beach in addition to enjoying several wonderful swimming pools as well.

This membership is very useful in the summer time, you can forget about the summer heat and enjoy the luxury this summer at the beaches of the Ritz-Carlton.



yacht club

This club located on Sitra Island started operating in 1977 and has one of the best beaches in Bahrain. The club also has a wonderful swimming pool for adults and another for children.

Many distinguished services are also available in the club, including the opportunity to practice sailing and several other water sports, as well as a training program for those who want to learn to sail.

Membership in the club can always be obtained, the club welcomes all residents of Bahrain, and visitors can enter the club and enjoy the excellent beach for an entry fee.