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Tourism in Isparta, Turkey

Tourism in Isparta, Turkey

Isparta is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, near the Aegean Sea, in southwest Turkey. It is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey, which attracts many tourists annually. If you intend to travel and tourism in Sparta soon, there are many places and tourist activities that you can do to enjoy your holiday.



The Turkish city of Isparta is universally called the “Land of Roses”, because it has the largest and famous flower farms in the world, and it exports rose essential oil to all over the world. As well as its picturesque nature, quiet lakes, caves, vast forests, mountains and different heights for mountain climbers. All this in addition to the beautiful beaches, recreational parks, historical monuments and various archaeological and tourist sites.
koprulu canyon national park

Koprulu Canyon is the most famous national park in Turkey, with an area of ​​366 km. It is one of the most beautiful and important recreational attractions in Sparta. This park is located on the Koprulu River, and its visitors enjoy watching a group of scenic landscapes, such as green forests and flowering plants.


The park also includes many rare wildlife animals, as well as wonderful waterfalls. Next to the garden there is a group of famous fish restaurants, which serve delicious fresh dishes.

Lavender Gardens in Koyogak Village
Lane Cove National Park isparta

If you are planning to go to Isparta in Turkey, you might smell nice when you arrive. And that beautiful scent is probably coming from the lavender gardens in Koyogak village. This village is one of the most beautiful regions in Turkey, and millions of people visit it annually. This charming village is located on top of a mountain, surrounded by lavender-spread cliffs and magnificent plains.

It is a more than wonderful place, and makes you feel in a special state of relaxation and calm. Everything around you is colored in cheerful and calming violets. Do not miss to visit these wonderful gardens, and take the most beautiful pictures in the middle of the picturesque nature.



Kyzyl Drag Mini Park
Kizildag Park in Isparta

Kizil Drag Mini Park is one of the best places to visit in Isparta, suitable for children and adults. It is a wonderful place for families. Visitors to the park enjoy many recreational activities, such as the possibility of camping in its beautiful natural surroundings. In addition to a distinctive restaurant, it serves traditional Turkish meals.



Lake Egirdir
Lake-Egirdir Isparta

Lake Egirdir is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city of Sparta. It is an ideal place to relax, for those who love peace. It is the second largest freshwater lake in Turkey, surrounded by charming natural features, such as pine forests, and a group of high altitudes for climbing and photography enthusiasts. There is also a path to the lake, as it connects two small islands, allowing its visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the charming.



flower harvest festival
Harvest Flower Festival

It is the most beautiful festival among the many Turkish festivals. It is very popular in the city of Sparta, and attracts many visitors and festival-lovers. In this festival people are invited to flower farms, harvest them and enjoy their fragrant flowers. It also includes a unique group of flowers, with their different types and shapes, attractive colors and smart scents.



This festival is held on the Spartan lands, among peasants and farmers. It is one of the Turkish festivals, which is very popular with local residents and foreign visitors.